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  • Apeks 1st Stage DIN Adapter - Yoke to DIN

Apeks 1st Stage DIN Adapter - Yoke to DIN


  • Model: AP0620 | AP0211 | AP0211/S
  • Brand: Apeks
  • EAN: 5060009129428

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Product Description

The Apeks DIN to Yoke Adapter is a conversion unit to permanently replace the Yoke ('A') clamp fitting on your first stage Apeks regulator with a male DIN fitting.

Perhaps you started diving with yoke style cylinder valves, but you feel the higher cylinder pressure available with DIN cylinders will be an advantage to your style of diving. Well this converter kit will allow you to do just that, shed the yoke and increase bottom time with this 300 bar (4,350 psi) DIN conversion kit. The Kit is designed for the Apeks First Stage Regulators.

So you have an Apeks regulator with an international Yoke ('A') clamp fitting that you normally connect to cylinders with Yoke ('A') clamp cylinder valves. But now you want to be able to use your Apeks regulator to connect to cylinders with DIN valves. Just purchase this Apeks Regulator Yoke to DIN Converter. Then you unscrew the Yoke ('A') clamp fitting on your Apeks regulator. Then in its place you screw this Apeks Yoke to DIN adaptor into your Apeks regulator. Now your Apeks regulator has a male DIN fitting and can be connected to cylinders with DIN valve fittings. It's that easy!

Fits both 300 and 232 bar DIN valves. Perfect for the travelling diver.

DIN Assembly is constructed from Marine Grade Corrosion Resistant Chromed Brass.

AP0620 - Co-moulded handwheel
AP0211 - Bright Chrome
AP0211/S - Satin

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

(02/17 LRB)

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