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Underwater Video Lights

Underwater Video Lights are crucial for videographers that want to retain colour and brightness in their footage. Even though modern cameras are becoming more and more light sensitive there are still environments that light can't penetrate such as wrecks, caves or through murky waters.

Video lights are designed to provide a smooth, even illumination which ordinary dive lights are unable to achieve. As a bonus, video lights can also be used for still photography but will not be able to produce the same level of brightness of a similarly sized strobe, nor will it prevent motion blur like a strobe can.

Any focus light can be used for video and vice versa. The difference is that while a small, low-lumen light with a narrow beam angle can be used as a focus light, Video Lights need to have a wider beam angle and high lumen power. The reason is that video shooters want to achieve a wide swath of light that evenly illuminates the foreground or main subject in the image (instead of seeing two "headlights" in every shot).

Divers interested in buying a single light that can double as both focus and video light will want to find a powerful light with several power settings and wide beam angle. This brings the best of both worlds.

The Scuba Doctor is your friendly resource for Underwater Video Lights. The best combination of quality services, vast selection, knowledgeable staff and competitive pricing. We are one of the largest dive retailers and mail order suppliers in Australia of new Scuba Gear and Underwater Video Lights.

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