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Sonar DIN to Yoke Fill Adaptor

$60.00  $54.00
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  • Model: WMD-CH-DIN
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

If you have filled cylinders with 200 and 300 Bar DIN valves then you have probably used the one-piece DIN-to-Yoke fill blocks. The Sonar DIN to Yoke Fill Adaptor is a much better solution because it uses the same system for connecting to the cylinder valve as scuba regulators.

Essential when travelling. Screws into DIN fitting cylinder outlets and allows filling from compressors fitted with A-clamp.

This premium fill adaptor has a hand wheel for easy attachment and removal, no tools needed. Even better, because you can orient the yoke fitting a full 360°, the adaptor adjusts to accommodate the orientation of the fill whip, not the other way around. That means no more fighting with the whip to attach it to the cylinder.

The Sonar DIN to Yoke Fill Adaptor accepts standard size o-rings and fits all 200-Bar and 300-Bar DIN valves, but this adaptor is suitable for filling only.

Sonar DIN to Yoke Fill Adaptor Features

  • Adapt DIN valves for filling with a standard yoke filler
  • Fits all 200 to 300 bar DIN valves
  • Rotating DIN hand-wheel knob
  • Standard inlet and outlet O-rings
  • 300 Bar (4,350 psi) rated
  • Quick spin-on adaptor, no tools required
  • Durable marine grade chromed brass construction
  • Factory cleaned

(04/17 LRB)