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PADI Diver's Log Book


  • Model: PADI-70048
  • Brand: PADI

Product Description

The PADI Diver's Log Book provides proof of your diving experience wherever you go diving. Without it you can be left behind on more experienced dives when you are qualified to make them. Make sure you log all your dives and carry your log book when on a diving vacation. The standard PADI paper backed logbook isn't just for logging dives. Your Logbook is proof positive that you are qualified to make those adventure dives come true.

The PADI Diver's Log is commonly used for all diving applications and more. The PADI Diver's Log is most used by customers who consider themselves to be an advanced diver among others. The PADI Diver's Log is popular because customers like the following qualities of the PADI Diver's Log: easy to use, functional, improves diving experience, lightweight, solid construction.

PADI Diver's Log Book Features

  • This PADI logbook has 60 dive log pages
  • Constructed of heavy duty glossy paper
  • Personal Information and Calling for Assistance page
  • Standard Safe Diving Practices page
  • The PADI Diver's Log is hole punched to fit in any 3 ring dive log binder

Please Note: This is the PADI Diver's Log Book, not the PADI Diver's Log and Training Record Book. The latter is what you get when you start training with PADI. This is the log book you use to continue logging your dives once the first log book is full.

Product No. 70048 (Rev. 09/16, Version 3.03

(11/17 LRB)

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