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  • Probe iDry 3mm Wetsuit Package - Warm Water

Probe iDry 3mm Wetsuit Package - Warm Water

$570.00  $489.00
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  • Model: 4003M/W-BLK + 4408M + 4905M
  • Brand: Probe Wetsuits

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Product Description

The Probe iDry Warm Water Wetsuit Package is just what you need for warm water diving locations. It includes:

If you're heading off to a warm water destination for your holidays, this wetsuit package is the protection combination you need.

Probe iDry Mens or Womens 3mm Quick-Dry Semi-Dry Suit

Many divers prefer the simplicity and comfort of a one-piece jumpsuit, and the Probe iDry 3 mm suits give added flexibility where divers needed it most. The revolutionary "QUICK-DRY TECHNOLOGY" fleece inner lining not only dries super fast! It's also super warm, super flexible, super comfortable and makes the suit super easy to slide on over your skin. There are no zips on the ankles and wrists, nothing to go wrong and nothing to dig into your bones when removing the suit — less is more! The ultra-stretch neoprene creates the Semi-Dry seal making zips redundant.

Probe iDry 3mm Semi-Dry Wetsuit Sizes

WOMENS SIZES: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

Probe Wetsuit Size Charts

Probe Wetsuit Size Charts

Probe iDry 2mm Quick-Dry Dive Gloves

The world's fastest drying dive gloves — dry in minutes! They are also extremely flexible which gives you excellent dexterity and have vulcanised rubber sealed seams for extra durability and water-proofness.

Unisex Glove Sizing Guide:
Measure across your palm at the base of your fingers.
- XS, 50-65 mm
- S, 65-80 mm
- M, 80-95 mm
- L, 95-105 mm
- XL, 105 mm plus

Product Colour: Black with Red and Blue Logo

Probe iDry 5mm Quick-Dry Ziperless Dive Boots

These easy-on boots are warm and super streamlined, thanks to the absence of a bulky zipper. Great for diving, they also are excellent all-around water shoes for navigating rocky beaches, or river bottoms.

We like to call them "The UGG BOOTS of DIVING" and once you try a pair on you will instantly know why! Fully lined with the revolutionary QUICK-DRY fleece lining these iDRY boots feel just like you're sliding your feet into a toasty warm pair of Ugg boots. They are super easy to get on, ridiculously comfortable and so flexible that there's no need for an annoying, uncomfortable, leaky zip! The durable, puncture resistant, traction soles provide sure-grip, comfort and safety.

Colour: Black with Red and Blue logos only.

Unisex Boot Sizing Guide:
The following size chart is provided as a guide only.
- XXS fits shoe size 4-6
- XS fits shoe size 6-7
- S fits shoe size 7-8
- M fits shoe size 8-9
- L fits shoe size 9-10
- XL fits shoe size 10-11
- XXL fits shoe size 11 plus

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