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Shipwrecks Around Port Phillip Heads

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  • ISBN: 9780958665773

Product Description

Shipwrecks Around Port Phillip Heads: A Comprehensive Scuba Diver's Guide

by Stan Bugg and Bob Wealthy.

This is simply the best reference book on the Port Phillip Heads wrecks, giving details on the major shipwrecks visited, with land bearings and GPS coordinates to locate each vessel. Also includes the J-class submarines and Ship's Graveyard. Just enough history to provide background to each vessel. Particularly useful as it indicates the condition of each ship as she lies today.

*** Back In Print - 2nd Edition Now Available ***
We have a very limited number of copies signed by co-author Stan Bugg for those who get in first!

Victoria's Port Phillip Heads have been extremely hazardous for ships, from the first recorded wreck in 1840 until the present. The treacherous currents, hidden reefs and narrow channels of Port Phillip Heads have contributed to the demise of over 200 vessels of all types, ranging from small coastal schooners to large iron steamers. The wrecks of Point Lonsdale, Point Nepean and the Back Beaches, are frequented regularly by Melbourne divers by boat and from the shore.

The authors, Stan Bugg and Bob Wealthy, have drawn upon their combined diving experience of nearly seventy years to describe twenty-nine of the more popular wrecks in the Port Phillip Heads region.

This is a book that both divers and non divers will enjoy.

For the diver, the book provides precise directions for locating the wreck sites, and a description of what remains will be found. The authors also provide hints on how to safely dive each site.

For the non-diver, the accounts of each ship's history, and the circumstances of her sinking, are a fascinating insight into our turbulent maritime history.

Read about collisions, drunken captains, incompetence, incredible bad luck, acts of heroism, and even a pilot who was legally blind!

  • Softcover
  • 93 pages
  • Mono photographs and many site charts
  • Second Edition, 2007
  • ISBN: 9780958665773 (pbk)
  • Dewey Number: 910.452

(10/15 LRB)