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Ocean Design 40m Waterproof Dry Canister - Medium

MS10215 | MS10216
Ocean Design


The Ocean Design Waterproof Medium Dry Canister is large in size, suitable for sunglasses, mobile phone, keys and other bits and pieces. It's rated as waterproof to 40 metres.

Made from heavy duty, high tensile polymer, this medium sized dry can features an easy screw on cap with an O-ring seal, a plastic swivel clip, plus a handy adjustable lanyard attachment cord.

Waterproof to 40 metres. This O-ring sealed dry canister has been pressure tested and rated as being suitable for diving to a depth of 40 metres.

Ocean Design Waterproof Medium Dry Canister Features

  • Waterproof to 40 metres
  • O-Ring Sealed
  • Strong and Durable Construction
  • Water and Dust Resistant Seal
  • Protection for Keys, Sunglasses, Cell Phones, PDAs, GPS Units, MP3 Players, and More

Ocean Design Medium Dry Canister Specifications:

  • Outside Height: 170 mm
  • Outside Diameter: 68 mm
  • Inside Height: 135 mm
  • Inside Diameter: 52 mm
  • Depth Rating: 40 metres
  • Canister: High Grade PVC
  • Colour: Yellow or Blue

Colours: Yellow or Blue

Dry Canister Instructions

This dry canister is ideal for storing small items of equipment, keeping them clean and dry when on or near the water. The canister has been manufactured to stringent quality control regulations, giving you a dry canister that is strong, durable and will give trouble free service providing a few basic instructions are adhered to.


  1. Ensure that this dry canister is the correct type for the application intended. If in doubt, please contact us.
  2. TO OPEN: Carefully unscrew the lid in an anti-clockwise direction, ensuring that you do not lose the O-ring seal.
  3. TO CLOSE: Screw the lid closed in a clockwise direction, ensuring the O-ring seal is present and no debris is affecting the O-ring seal or threads and take care to avoid trapping any foreign objects.
  4. Use the attached cord and cord lock to attach to a secure point, ensuring that it can not interfere with other equipment, other persons, or cause damage to the environment.
  5. Do not overfill and avoid any impacts.
  6. The dry canister is not suitable for use by young children.

Care and Maintenance

  1. Lightly grease the O-ring with a silicone based grease and ensure the container seals correctly before use.
  2. This product is designed for the storage of equipment to keep it clean and dry.
  3. Under no circumstances can we be held liable for any consequential loss incurred as a result of use or misuse of this product.

Caution: Depth Rating
There any many different variations of this style of dry canister on the market. None came with a depth rating from the suppliers/manufacturers. All say these dry canisters are for use when on or near water, and not designed for underwater use.

Our diving customers kept telling us that they were using this dry canister while scuba diving to significant depths without any issues. However, we were still reluctant to advise our diving customers to use these products underwater.

We suggested to the supplier of this dry canister that they pressure test it to determine a depth rating. They successfully static depth tested it to 80 metres without the dry canister failing. Thus they have given it a depth rating of 40 metres. Make of this what you will, however we're now prepared to say you might be able to successfully use this dry canister to recreational diving depths of 30 to 40 metres, if you do so carefully, following all of the instructions above.

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