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H2Odyssey EAS Complete Bag, Decant Filling Adapter, S13 Cylinder

$729.00  $655.00
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  • Model: RE10038
  • Brand: H2Odyssey

Product Description

The H2Odyssey EAS Complete Bag with Decant Filling Adapter and S13 Cylinder is a great emergency air supply solution. It's carried by a scuba diver for use as an emergency supply of breathing gas in the event of a primary gas supply failure. Ready to use with Nitrox up to 40%.

Take responsibility for your own safety with an extra air source.

Popular with Hookah divers as an emergency air solution. Easily connects to your tow belt or a BCD.

  • Catalina S13 Aluminium Cylinder - 1.9 litre (13 cu ft) - 207 bar
  • Piston 1st stage
  • Independent of primary air source
  • High performance piston 1st stage
  • 2 x LP ports
  • 2 x HP ports
  • Designated cylinder filling port
  • On/Off Valve
  • 2nd stage connection has both a vertical and a horizontal swivel
  • Dual high performance exhaust valves
  • Medical grade silicon mouthpiece
  • Large "sweet-spot" purge button

(05/15 LRB)

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