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View Swim Junior Optical Goggles w/ Corrective Lenses (6-12 yrs)

VPS741J + 2 x VC750J 01/23
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The View Swim Junior Optical Goggles with Corrective Lenses package combines a View Swim Junior Optical Goggle Parts Kit (VPS-741J) with two negative or positive dioptre View Swim Junior Optical Corrective Goggle Lenses (VC-750J) to create a pair of junior optical swimming goggles suitable for juniors of 6 to 12 years of age. This package gives you a whole new clear vision underwater.

Great for Swimming

The View Swim Junior Optical Corrective Goggle Lenses (VC-750J) give you a wide range of negative and positive dioptre values to choose from for each eye.

Negative dioptre lenses for those with near-sighted or myopic vision are available in:
-1.0 dioptre increments from -2.0 to -7.0.

Positive dioptre lenses for far-sighted swimmers are available in:
+1.0 dioptre increments from +2.0 to +6.0.

With a variety of negative and positive dioptres to choose from, these no-fuss lenses are easy to assemble and adjust as well as being very comfortable with soft eye seals. The lens has a hypoallergenic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) cushion seal type face pad that provides maximum comfort and water-tightness over extended periods of use.

View Swim Junior Optical Goggles with Corrective Lenses Features

  • See better when swimming!
  • Dioptre Ranges:
    -1.0 increments from -2.0 to -7.0
    +1.0 increments from +2.0 to +6.0
  • No fuss easy to assemble and adjust
  • E-Z strap adjustments:
    • Fitting goggles is simple-and-swift
    • Straps elasticity allows snug fit
    • Quickly-and-easily adjusted with minimal effort
    • Adjustable while goggles are worn
    • Precise fit and ease-of-removal
  • 100% protection from ultra violet (UV) rays
  • Anti-fog treatment: long-lasting protection from fogging caused by perspiration and heat
  • Durable shatter resistant polycarbonate lens
  • Hypoallergenic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) seals
  • Maximum comfort and water-tightness over extended periods of use
  • Cushioned type face pad seal
  • Limited one year warranty on View Swim goggles and other products purchased in Australia
  • Made in Japan

Colour options:
Black strap with Black nose bridges;
Blue strap with Blue nose bridges; or
Pink strap with Blue nose bridges.

Consult your Optometrist

We strongly recommend that you consult your optometrist about which swimming vision correction solution is best for you. Please feel free to show them this information. Your optometrist will be able to work out which solutions are available to you and make recommendations as to what to get. We are not optometrists and can't read your script to determine if a corrective lens goggle will work for you. They typically will work for the vast majority of people, but some eye shapes can't be accommodated this way.

Your optometrist will also be able to provide you with the best spherical correction dioptre values for your left and right eyes given the half dioptre increments of corrective lenses. Then you can order your goggles from us with confidence.

Whatever your preference, there are plentiful corrective options available to ensure that everyone can see clearly to experience the beauty and wonder of the underwater world while swimming.


Order today and your swimming goggles with corrective lenses will usually Ship the next Business Day.

We typically place orders for your swimming goggles with corrective lenses to our suppliers the same day we receive the order from you. In some cases, they will be shipped direct to you from the suppliers the same business day, or if not, the next business day. The suppliers are Sydney based, so you need to allow for the usual postal delivery times for the package to reach you.

(01/23 HS)

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