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Underwater Kinetics Super Hanger Package - 3 Hangers

Underwater Kinetics


The Underwater Kinetics Super Hanger Package will meet all your dive gear needs when it comes to properly hanging and drying your complete life support system and exposure suit system. Underwater Kinetics was the first dive company to provide divers with a series of hangers designed specifically for diving equipment.

The hangers had to be non-corroding, non-staining, sunlight resistant and strong enough to support the weight of wet dive equipment while remaining reasonably priced. The inspiration for the unusual shapes of these hangers came from divers who wanted to get their equipment off the floor, out of the sand and up the air for drying after a rinse in fresh water. The hangers turned out to be so rugged that most diving retailers used them to display equipment in their stores.

UK Super Accessory Hanger

Proper preventative maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of all your diving equipment. Trying to hang your exposure suit accessories and fins can require a lot of creative thinking. Give your exposure suit accessories and fins the best care you can with UK's Accessories Hanger. This unique hanger holds dive gloves, hood, booties and fins. It allows proper drying and keeps them off the floor to prevent damage. The Super Accessory Hanger measures: (L x W x H) 33.02 cm x 3.05 cm x 50.8 cm (13" x 1.2" x 20").

UK Super BCD and Regulator Hanger

The hanger designed for holding a BC and regulator has been redesigned for versatility and ease of use. The original design required the diver to remove the dust cap of the regulator and screw the first stage onto the hanger. The purpose of this was to make sure that the regulator did not fall off. In the new design of the BC hanger an inverted T-hook is provided for draping the regulator hoses from the hanger while still providing resistance to slipping off onto the floor.

The "shoulder tips" of the hanger are hooked upward to prevent the BC from sliding off as it would on a conventional hanger. Finally, a hanger designed-specifically for holding a BC vest and regulator during drying and storage. The UK Super BC Hanger is also ideal for use with police vests, body armor and bulletproof vests. Due to its expert design, your gear fits on it easily, for a no-hassle drying and storage solution. The hanger measures: (L x W x H) 40.6 cm x 3 cm x 25.4 cm (16" x 1.2" x 10").

UK Super Wetsuit Hanger

When the average hanger just doesn't cut it, rely on the Super Wetsuit Hanger. Underwater Kinetics knows your gear is often heavy and wet. So, they built the Super Wetsuit Hanger sturdy, with high quality non-corrosive materials. It holds more weight, so your valuable stuff won't end up on the ground. This sturdy non-corroding hanger will hold heavy wet suits and dry suits so that they can dry properly for the next dive. It keeps them off the floor to prevent damage. The hanger measures: (L x W x H) 42.16 cm x 3.05 cm x 22.86 cm (16.6" x 1.2" x 9").

All 3-Hangers have one piece I-beam construction for strength, are made from non-corroding plastic resin that will not rust, are available in multiple colours, can each support 9 kg (20 lbs) of weight. The Underwater Kinetics Super Hangers are proudly made in the USA and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Underwater Kinetics Super Hanger Package is commonly used for All Diving Applications, Recreation and more. The Super Hanger Package is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Recreational Diver among others. The Super Hanger Package is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Super Hanger Package: Easy To Use, Functional, Lightweight, Solid Construction.

UK Super Hanger Package Features

  • UK Super Hanger Package Includes 3 Hangers
    • UK Super Wetsuit Hanger for Wetsuits and Drysuits
    • UK Super Accessory Hanger for Gloves, Hoods and Boots
    • UK Super BCD and Regulator Hanger
      also for use with Police Vests, Body Armor and Bulletproof Vests
  • Complete Drying and Storage System for All Dive Gear!
  • UK: First Dive Company to Provide Hangers Designed for Dive Gear
  • Super BCD and Regulator Hanger Special Features:
    Inverted T-Hook: Allows Draping Regulator Hoses, Resistance to Slipping Off
    "Shoulder Tips": Hooked Upward, Prevent BC from Sliding-Off
  • Non-Corroding, Non-Staining, Sunlight Resistant
  • Strong Enough to Support Weight of Wet Dive Equipment
  • Keeps Equipment Off-the-Floor, Out of the Sand
  • Provides: Air for Drying After Rinse in Fresh Water
  • Rugged: Dive Retailers Use to Display Equipment in Stores
  • Non-Corroding Plastic Resin: Won't Rust
  • One Piece I-Beam Construction for Strength
  • Support Up to 9 kg (20 lbs) of Weight
  • Available in Multiple Colours
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    UK Super Wetsuit Hanger: 42.16 cm x 3.05 cm x 22.86 cm (16.6" x 1.2" x 9")
    UK Super Accessory Hanger for Gloves, Hoods and Boots: 33.02 cm x 3.05 cm x 50.8 cm (13" x 1.2" x 20")
    UK Super BCD and Regulator Hanger: 40.6 cm x 3 cm x 25.4 cm (16" x 1.2" x 10")


The Underwater Kinetics hangers are available in Yellow or Black.

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