Corinella Jetty

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Advanced Open Water Rated Inside Western Port Slack Water

Depth: 3 metres (9.8 feet) to 8 metres (26 feet)

Level: Advanced Open Water and beyond

Corinella Jetty
Corinella Jetty
© Alfred Sin

Corinella Jetty (aka Corinella Pier) is located at the end of Peters Street, Corinella, Victoria, on the eastern side of Western Port. It's a sturdy platform made from concrete and wood. At the end of the jetty, the structure takes a right hand turn and runs parallel to the shore for around 20 metres before leading down onto a lower platform.

This dive site usually has pretty horrible visibility, but may be of interest to fossickers.

Currents are a major factor when trying to dive at Corinella Jetty. Strong tidal currents swirl through the jetty pylons. Best dived on slack water, preferably at the end of an incoming flood tide.

Corinella Map
Corinella Map | © Parks Victoria

Latitude: 38° 24.419′ S   (38.406989° S / 38° 24′ 25.16″ S)
Longitude: 145° 25.343′ E   (145.422375° E / 145° 25′ 20.55″ E)

Datum: WGS84 | Google Map
Added: 2019-05-04 04:20:40 GMT, Last updated: 2019-05-29 05:06:34 GMT
Source: Google Earth
Nearest Neighbour: Minah, 11,936 m, bearing 228°, SW
Depth: 3 to 8 m.

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