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The Scuba Doctor staff on the front line and behind the scenes, are all working hard to ensure your experience with us is the best it can be. Our success is built upon the dedicated work, enthusiastic joy and warped humour of our wonderful team who go out of their way to delight customers everyday. We value our customers and want to ensure they have everything they need for the dive of their lives. Got a question? Not sure on something? Get in touch and let us help you.

These fine folks are who lovingly help make The Scuba Doctor the go-to local dive shop for all Australians.

Lloyd Borrett

Owner, The Scuba Doctor Australia
TDI Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures Diver

Lloyd Borrett, The Scuba Doctor
Lloyd Borrett, Owner,
The Scuba Doctor Australia
Lloyd spent more than 35 years in the Australian Information and Computer Technology (ICT) sector. He started his IT career with BHP Corporate Data Processing in Melbourne during the mid-1970s as a technical programmer. He initially worked on BHP's mine planning system and later was one of the team of three who created BHP's first oil and gas seismic exploration system, which was also sold to Woodside and other energy exploration companies. As Senior Systems Programmer at BHP, Lloyd was responsible for IBM and Control Data mainframes, plus Data General minicomputers, at locations all over Australia. In the 1980s he co-ordinated the introduction of Personal Computers into BHP.

During the 1980s Lloyd started Australia's first column on IBM PCs for Your Computer magazine, and later wrote for Today's Computers, PC Magazine and BRW. In 1984 Lloyd founded the Melbourne PC User Group, which today is still the largest such user group in the world He also edited and published PC Update magazine.

From the mid-1980s, Lloyd was a regular or guest on numerous radio shows. In the early-1990s he joined with three others to produce a pilot for what could have become Australia's first technology lifestyle show on TV.

From 1996 to 2000, as General Manager, Lloyd was instrumental in taking a 6 person, $600K per year software services business and profitably growing it into a 130 person, $20m per year business. He then moved and in just three years from March 2000 as a key member of a small management team, took a private, 60 person, $12m per year software services business to a public, 300 person, $46m per year business. Lloyd understands business growth challenges.

In the 1980s, Lloyd was a pioneer of online communities and shopping in Australia via a multi-user, dial-up Bulletin Board System, PC Connection Australia. He's been an Internet user since the mid-1980s. Since the mid-1990s he has helped many businesses effectively leverage the world wide web to sell and deliver goods and services. He helped a local shop become Australia's largest online store in its category, selling goods across Australia and overseas. Lloyd had direct responsibility for growing online sales from $2m to more than $15m per year for one software company. His personal web site has received more than 500K hits per day. Lloyd knows how to effectively leverage the Internet.

In early 2006, Lloyd learnt to scuba dive in Melbourne. Later that year he joined the Victorian Sub Aqua Group (VSAG), the world's second oldest scuba diving club. He soon joined VSAG's committee, built a website for the group, later took over as editor of Fathoms magazine, plus in 2016 co-authored and published VSAG's 60th Anniversary book.

Also in 2006, Lloyd joined in the efforts of the Victorian Artificial Reef Society (VARS) to obtain and sink the HMAS Canberra warship in Melbourne. He built the VARS and ex HMAS Canberra websites, helped with VARS marketing and communications, and later joined the VARS committee.

Lloyd Borrett at Bikini Atoll
Lloyd Borrett
at Bikini Atoll
In August 2010, Lloyd qualified as a TDI Advanced Nitrox Diver and Decompression Procedures Diver to dive on the wreck of the HMS Hermes aircraft carrier in Sri Lanka. In 2012 and again in 2013 he dived on the USS Saratoga aircraft carrier at Bikini Atoll. That leaves only the USS Oriskany aircraft carrier in Florida, USA to complete the three diveable aircraft carrier set!

Lloyd has also dived on the SS President Coolidge shipwreck at Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, plus on the many wrecks in the ghost fleet at Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia. Lloyd's recreational diving trips have taken him to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, to various dive locations in Bali, plus Apo Island in the Philippines, and Darwin Island and Wolf Island in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

Lloyd has written many Dive Articles over the years. One 'hobby' since 2006 has been compiling as a comprehensive resource the details of Melbourne Diving and Snorkelling sites, currently found on The Scuba Doctor website. He is a firm believer that the widest range of the best scuba diving in the world is right here in Victoria. But don't ask him about critters, because he cranks on wrecks!

Looking for a sea change from the IT industry, in August 2013 Lloyd took over as the owner of The Scuba Doctor dive shop and Deep Blue Imports Australia, which had been operating successfully since 2002. He has greatly grown the business, especially the online presence, with it now being seen by many as Australia's local dive shop.

Lloyd Borrett lives on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria and, when he's not working, he goes scuba diving, listens to his eclectic music collection, watches a wide range of movies and documentaries, reads a vast array of books and magazines, and spends time with family and friends.

Hannah Smeeton

PADI IDC Staff Instructor
PADI Gas Blender Instructor
TDI Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures Instructor

Hannah Smeeton, The Scuba Doctor
Hannah Smeeton,
The Scuba Doctor Australia
Originally training to be a teacher through a double degree in Education/Arts and then obtaining a Diploma in Frontline Management, Hannah Smeeton took a change in her career path when she caught the diving bug in the 1990s.

Hannah started her professional diving career in the cold waters of the U.K. where her first foray into the business side of diving was the establishment of an independent dive club in 1999. Returning to Australia she established and ran a successful Victorian dive store, IDC Scuba.

While still developing her skills as a diver, Hannah took a professional hiatus from working in the dive industry to pursue a career in Project Management with Melbourne University. This also funded her obsession with diving around the globe, having now dived extensively in Oceania and all but one of the continents. Hannah continued to expand her knowledge of the underwater environment by pursuing numerous courses in Marine Archaeology, Marine Biology and underwater photography.

Hannah returned professionally to the Victorian Diving Industry a number of years ago — simultaneously working full time with a charter company, dive shops and dive wholesalers.

Hannah Smeeton, Rebreather Diver
Hannah Smeeton,
Rebreather Diver
Hannah holds rankings as PADI IDC Staff Instructor, Gas Blender Instructor and SDI/TDI Adv Nitrox & Deco Procedures Instructor. She has earned numerous technical and CCR certifications within the CDDA, NAS, SSI, IANTD and TDI. In 2003 Hannah beat the Guinness World Record for the Longest Submergence on a Single 12.0 lt, 232 bar cylinder of air (7 hr 25 min 8.5 sec).

With over 4000 dives and 500 student certifications under her belt, Hannah has turned her attention to managing a network of dive subsidiaries dealing with importing and exporting, retail and web-based sales.

Currently living on the Mornington Peninsula and residing two minutes from work and ten minutes from the hub of the Victorian diving, she continues to surround and immerse all facets of her life with diving. Holding office in a number of independent dive clubs and consulting for several dive related businesses, Hannah, in her spare time, speaks to various groups nationally on issues such as Women's Health in Diving.

Geoff Rodda

Geoff Rodda, The Scuba Doctor
Geoff Rodda,
The Scuba Doctor Australia
Scallywag at The Scuba Doctor.

Michelle Rutowicz

PADI Divemaster

Michelle Rutowicz, The Scuba Doctor
Michelle Rutowicz,
The Scuba Doctor Australia

Sam Glenn-Smith

PADI Divemaster

Sam Glenn-Smith, The Scuba Doctor
Sam Glenn-Smith,
The Scuba Doctor Australia
My diving journey began in Fiji, 2010 where I was instantly hooked. Diving for me was a new frontier, a new world where I experienced things I could never dream of — the feeling of weightlessness, the immense spectrum of colours and the throng of life around me, from the tiny shrimp hiding in crinoids to the behemoth tiger shark. Diving very quickly became my fixation.

My passion for the ocean began to surge in 2015 when I met Marine Biologist Daniel Geary at Atmosphere Resort in the Philippines. My eyes were opened to a wonderful world of macro diving and tiny little critters that appear to be from another world - but more so I was introduced into the world of underwater photography. This new age of previously unheard-of equipment provided me with immense motivation to learn more about the ocean and share my findings with the world.

I have become truly passionate about underwater photography and marine conservation — with a desire to continue finding, photographing and hopefully inspiring people around me to learn more about the wonderful, unique and mysterious oceans on this planet. I love talking all things marine and photography and am always open for a phone call, a chat in store or even better a dive with camera in hand.

Peter Fear

Owner, Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs
TDI Geriatric Diver

Peter Fear, Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs
Peter Fear, Owner,
Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs
Peter Fear is well known and highly regarded throughout the Australian dive industry for his meticulous scuba equipment servicing and repair work. Peter's reputation has been established over more than 35 years in the Victorian dive industry.

Peter owned and operated dive shops in Melbourne for many years as a recreational and technical scuba diving instructor. Eventually he took over Dive Victoria and transformed it into Victoria's #1 dive charter operation, based in Portsea. His skills as a dive boat captain and knowledge of local dive sites are legendary.

Peter sold the Dive Victoria charter boat business in 2002 and started The Scuba Doctor in Rye, to cater for the equipment care needs of recreational, technical, commercial, military and rescue scuba divers. Eventually it became a full service dive shop. In 2013 he sold The Scuba Doctor dive shop to Lloyd Borrett, but continued the equipment care side of the business as Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs.

TDI Geriatric Diver
TDI Geriatric Diver
Peter has dived extensively all over the world. His favourite diving destination is Bikini Atoll, in the Marshall Islands, where he has been on expeditions to dive on the sunken nuclear fleet at least five times.

Out of respect for his age and experience the team at SDI/TDI Australia produced a unique TDI Geriatric Diver certification card for Peter some years back on a significant birthday. Peter takes great delight in presenting it when asked to show his diving qualifications by overseas diving operators.

The Scuba Doctor Air, Nitrox and Trimix Fills

Clear skin and good teeth are fleeting but diving is forever.
— Old diver's proverb