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Freediving Masks

Freedivers who choose to use a mask must be sure that the mask fits properly. Freediving masks should have the following features:

  • Low volume: for easier equalisation of the mask upon descent
  • Flexible: the mask skirt (the part that seals to the diver's face) should be very flexible so that it is comfortable when compressed
  • Clear lenses: to allow your buddy to see your eyes
  • Enclosed nose: to prevent mask squeeze

Prescription/Corrective Lens Free Diving Masks: — If you wear glasses and need some assistance seeing clearly when freediving, The Scuba Doctor is Australia's largest supplier of Corrective Lens Masks.

Note: Diving/snorkelling masks are very different to Swimming Goggles. See Goggles vs Masks.

Cressi Calibro Mask

Cressi Calibro Mask

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Cressi Superocchio Mask

Cressi Superocchio Mask

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Melbourne Boat Launching Ramps

Melbourne Boat Launching Ramps

Here is a list of the boat ramps frequently used by dive boat owners. For a more comprehensive list, please see Better Boating Victoria, or browse the boat ramp list and map at Better Boating Victoria: Ramp Finder.

Apollo Bay (Southwestern Victoria)

Apollo Bay Boat Ramp

Location: Via Great Ocean Road about 2 1/2 hrs drive west from Melbourne.
Vic Roads 101 C6 and 264

Access: --

Facilities: break wall (all weather), concrete jetties, smooth concrete dual lanes

Parking: heaps

Fees: Nil.

See also, Boating Victoria - Apollo Bay - Breakwater Rd Ramp

Black Rock Boat Ramp (Port Phillip)

Black Rock Boat Ramp

Location: Located off Beach Rd. on the foreshore of Black Rock.
MELWAY Ref: Page 85 H2

Access: An average ramp which is exposed when the winds come from the North-west to the South-west. Width of the ramp is 5m.

The least depth of approach is about 0.3m, so it is best to launch between half flood to half ebb. Max size boat to launch here would be about 6m.

Facilities: This is a single concrete ramp. There is a jetty beside the ramp. Cafe within 100m of ramp.

Parking: Lots of parking but is very popular so you need to get there very early.

Fees: Nil.

See also, Boating Victoria - Port Phillip - Black Rock Ramp

Fishermans Beach Mornington (Port Phillip)

Fishermans Beach Boat Ramp

Location: Follow the esplanade, south of Mornington about 2km.
MELWAY Ref: Page 145 B1.
Google Maps Australia

Access: Double Ramp with no mooring Jetty. dangerous in west winds, otherwise ok. Fine for vessels to 5.5m but fairly shallow. Short channel to clear water with submerged reef either side. Quite busy in peak season (Oct to March)

Facilities: none

Parking: Inadequate except during winter or periods of high wind.

Fees: Nil.

See also, Boating Victoria - Port Phillip - Mornington Fisherman Beach Ramp

Newhaven Boat Ramp (Phillip Island)

Newhaven Boat Ramp

Location: End of Cleeland Street, Newhaven, Phillip Island.
MELWAY Ref: Page 534 H6
Google Maps Australia

Access: The two lane ramp has a gradient of 1:19. The ramp is useable on all tides, however care needs to be exercised on the lowest tides as the channel is very narrow. The strong tidal currents through The Narrows can cause problems as you leave and approach the boat ramp.

Facilities: No wash down facilities are available due to water restrictions.

Parking: The sealed car-park is quite roomy.

Fees: Nil.

See also, Boating Victoria - Western Port - Newhaven Seaview St Ramp

Ocean Grove Boat Ramp (Bellarine Peninsula)

Ocean Grove Boat Ramp

Location: End of Gutheridge Street, Ocean Grove.
MELWAY Ref: Page 233 J5
Google Maps Australia

Access: Gives boats up to around 6 metres good access to the Barwon River as well as outside through Barwon Heads if weather permits (EXPERIENCE IS A MUST). The ramp is usable on all tides, however care needs to be exercised on the lowest tides as it is possible to reverse the trailer over the edge of the ramp.

Facilities: There is a floating pontoon for easy unloading, however no wash down facilities are available.

Parking: The car-park is quite roomy.

Fees: Nil.

See also, Boating Victoria - Barwon River - Ocean Grove Ramp

Patterson River Boat Ramp (Port Phillip)

Patterson River Boat Ramp

Location: End of Launching Way, off McLeod Road, Carrum.
MELWAY Ref: Page 97 E6
Google Maps Australia

Access: Located at the end of Launching Way in Carrum, this is Melbourne's premier boat launching facility onto Port Phillip.

Facilities: It has 4 Concrete ramps each with 2 lanes. The shop has fuel, bait, ice, tackle, coffees, pies and snacks.

Parking: The car-park is quite roomy.

Fees: Nil.

Patterson River Boating Guide by Parks Victoria

See also, Boating Victoria - Port Phillip - Patterson River Ramp

Queenscliff Boat Ramp (Port Phillip)

Queenscliff Boat Ramp

Location: End of the main street at Queenscliff
MELWAY Ref: Page 236 J4
Google Maps Australia

Access: This is an excellent double ramp. It is fully protected and has two jetties either side of the ramp. The shallowest it gets is approx 0.8m and can cater for boats up to 7m. The ramp gives access to both sheltered waters within Port Phillip, and Port Phillip Heads.

Parking: There is heaps of parking.

Facilities: Two wash down facilities, toilets.

Fees: Nil.

See also, Boating Victoria - Port Phillip - Queenscliff Ramp

Rye Boat Ramp (Port Phillip)

Rye Boat Ramp

Location: Entrance from Point Nepean Road, west of Rye Jetty and Dundas Street.
MELWAY Ref: Page 168 F4
Google Maps Australia

Access: The ramp gives access to both sheltered waters within Port Phillip, and Port Phillip Heads.

Parking: --

Facilities: --

Fees: Nil.

See also, Boating Victoria - Port Phillip - Rye Ramp

Schnapper Point Mornington (Port Phillip)

Schnapper Point Boat Ramp

Location: The road to the pier and ramp is accessible easily from either the Esplanade or Nepean Highway. The road to the pier and ramp is a continuation of Main Street, which is marked by the collection of fast food outlets (McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Red Rooster) at the intersections of Main Street and Nepean Highway.
MELWAY Ref: Page 104 D9
Google Maps Australia

Access: This ramp is deeper and has more parking than the nearest ramp at Fishermans Beach, for the same price. On holiday periods it may pay to plan launch and retrieval outside peak times.

Facilities: There is a lovely swimming beach known as Mother's Beach right next to the ramp and of course the main pier and smaller jetties, yacht club, cafe, washing facilities and a large park at the top of the hill with extensive playgrounds for the kids, and of course the shops on Main St.

Parking: Ample parking is normally available, with car/trailer parks near the ramp and car parks closer to the pier.

Fees: Nil.

See also, Boating Victoria - Port Phillip - Mornington Snapper Point Ramp

Sorrento Boat Ramp (Port Phillip)

Sorrento Boat Ramp

Location: From Melbourne, follow the Nepean Highway onto the Point Nepean Rd. The entrance to the boat ramp is on the right and clearly marked.
MELWAY Ref: Page 157 B6
Google Maps Australia

Access: It is a steep, three lane, all weather, all tides boat ramp exposed to northerly winds. The max. size boat to launch would be about 7m.

Diving: The dive boats usually pull up down on the lowest level. Divers pull up there to gear up and load up the boats. Then divers park their cars up in the very top car park and come back down via the steps. The dive boat cars and trailers have three parking areas they can use.

Facilities: There are jetties either side of the ramp. The ramp is 6m wide and has a least depth approach of 0.3m. There are toilets at the top of the steps in the picnic area.

Parking: It has good parking facilities. Three parking areas for vehicles with boat trailers, plus a parking area for cars only. Don't park cars in a boat trailer parking area as you're likely to get fined if you do.

Fees: Nil.

See also, Boating Victoria - Port Phillip - Sorrento Ramp


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