Private Lessons

For some, the thought of learning to dive or snorkel with a group of strangers is not very appealing. In other instances, time and flexibility might be issues whereby you might not be able to fit in with the scheduled course timetable. Whatever the reason, the instructors recommended by The Scuba Doctor are happy to offer private tuition in Melbourne or on the Mornington Peninsula.

Advantages of Private Tuition are:

  • Training is adjusted to your style of learning
  • Training is at your pace
  • Teaching and the structure of the course is specific to your needs or desires e.g. boat dives only
  • Time flexible — courses are run according to your availability
  • Exclusive tuition and individual attention makes for more effective learning
  • Control of course size — you can choose to learn by yourself, with your partner, or get a group of friends together.

The price for Private Lessons depends on:

  1. Your choice of course
  2. The number of people on the course

For information about our bespoke Open Water Dive Courses, please see Learn to Dive in Melbourne.

Don't Learn to Dive Like This
This is NOT the way to learn to dive anywhere, let alone in Melbourne.

If you wish to undertake Private Lessons, please Contact Us to discuss your needs. We'll be delighted to work around your schedule and offer you an Exclusive Diving Education programme.

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