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Spearfishing Hawaiian Slings

Most of us interchange the use of the terms Hawaiian Sling, Polespear and Handspear to describe these devices. However what we have available for sale is called a Hawaiian Sling by Fisheries Victoria.

Fisheries Victoria specify a Hand Held Spear or Pole Spear must not have any barbs or more than two prongs. They may be used to take fish (other than rock lobster and abalone) in marine waters (but not restricted waters). These devices don't have a rubber sling to impart propulsive energy. All of the devices we have available for sale don't qualify as polespears or handspears by this definition as they have more than two prongs and a rubber sling.

Fisheries Victoria specify a Hawaiian Sling or Spear Gun can have barbs and more than two prongs. They may be used to take fish (other than rock lobster and abalone) in marine waters (but not restricted waters). A Hawaiian Sling has a rubber sling. So all of the devices we have for sale are by this definition Hawaiian Slings.

Victorian Restricted Waters include: within 30m of any jetty; within 30m of the mouth of any creek or river; in or on inland waters including Curdies Inlet, Tamboon Inlet, Upper Lake of Mallacoota Inlet, Swan Bay, Sydenham Inlet; in or on the waters of Lower Lake of Mallacoota Inlet, the North Arm of Gippsland Lakes, Lake Tyers, Wingan Inlet and specified parts of Corner Inlet.

For more information please see the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide.

The range of Hawaiian Slings made from Aluminium or Fibreglass available from The Scuba Doctor has something for every spearo.

Dive Site Help

Dive Site Help

Compiling the information about the Melbourne and Victorian diving and snorkelling sites in this section of this website has been a labour of love by Lloyd Borrett since 2006. It started on his own personal website, then took a step forward with the list of GPS marks he created on the Victorian Sub-Aqua Group website, and then later on the Bass Strait Aquatic Club website, and is now in this fourth incarnation here where mapping, descriptions, images and videos have been added.

Along the way Lloyd has been greatly helped by many others including Peter Beaumont, Allie Beckhurst, David Bryant, Sam Glenn Smith, Fred Headley, Jane Headley, PT Hirschfield, Michael Mallis, Mary Malloy, Sheree Marris, Packo, Geoff Rodda, Ian Scholey, Graham Ellis, Peter Ronald, and Phil Watson. (Apologies to any helpers left out.) Some have contributed or allowed links to images and videos of dive sites. Others have provided updates or additional information for the descriptions of various dives sites. Then there are those who have helped by providing accurate GPS coordinates for various dive sites, or gone out and used suspect GPS marks of some sites to check that those coordinates are correct and then let Lloyd know the results.

All contributions are duly acknowledged, and it would be safe to say that most of the Melbourne and Victorian diving and snorkelling community greatly appreciates such contributions.

Can You Help?

Can you help to enhance this resource? Maybe you have information about other diving and/or snorkelling sites not yet listed. Maybe you have images, or videos (preferably hosted on YouTube), of dive sites you could share to this resource.

Maybe you have additional information or updates about the dive sites. Information about locating and diving the site, dive site entry and exit details, site plan and/or wreck sketches, etc. Addition information about what's to be seen at the dive site, e.g. marine life, wreck remains, etc.

Maybe you're a web developer (PHP and MySQL) and could help Lloyd to better store, edit, access and display the dive site details. For example, the current map displays are pretty crude and could be easily enhanced by someone with skills in this area.

All contributions would be most gratefully received.

Dive Site Images

Can you help us with images of dive sites? For shore dives it might be images of the top-side location. For all dive sites it could be images of what's to be found underwater. We currently have no images for the following dive sites...

Total of 173 dive sites.

Most of the other dive sites could be improved with additional images.

Future Directions

Of course there is a lot more that could be done to improve a resource like this. Proper site maps, or even 3D versions of them. The advances in the technology to make this possible are amazing and it would be great to see it used on key local dive sites.

Lloyd cranks on wrecks not critters. Thus there is much that could be done to improve the information about the various marine species present at each dive site to give everyone a better understanding of our local marine ecosystems.

Some of the things we'd like to see are:

  • Dive and Snorkel Briefing Charts
    Dive and snorkel briefings are a critical part of every dive and snorkel excursion. They can improve safety and enhance the in-water experience, allowing divers and snorkellers to better understand the site and find species of interest.
  • Underwater Site Maps
    These might be simple site sketches, or full on 3D-modeled maps of a dive site or the layout of and popular dive routes through a wreck.
  • Terrestrial Mapping
    Use 3D-modelling technology to develop maps of the terrestrial environment. This would promote the shore diving and snorkelling sites, plus any related nature trails, biking routes and hiking paths.
  • Digital 3D interactive tools
    Make 3D models available to make it possible for avid divers and snorkellers to explore underwater sites to plan their dives or outings.
  • Marine Biology
    Provide marine biology information, preferably linked to each dive site, to educate everyone about the reef ecosystem, marine biology concepts, organisms and their behaviours.

Could you help with any of this, or become part of a group to do it? Or do you have some other suggestions for ways to improve this resource?

How to Contribute

Please contact Lloyd:
tel. 0418 170 044

Or maybe you'd prefer to participate via the Scuba Doctor Dive Maps forum.


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