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Hookah Diving Systems

The Scuba Doctor has an excellent range of complete Hookah diving systems (also known as Surface Supply Diving Systems). Hooka dive systems are an alternative to tank based scuba diving and allow descending underwater for extended periods of time with air supplied from the surface.

Hookah diving systems typically consist of a battery or petrol-powered air compressor that delivers air, through a long hose called a down-line, to the diver under the water. Hookah diving does not require the use of a BCD or a first stage regulator. Divers wear a harness, which is the attachment point for the down-line and optional weight belts. Divers use a second stage regulator that's specifically designed for use with a hookah system. A traditional scuba regulator will not work.

Hookah Dive System Types

There are two types of hookah dive systems: Dynamic and Static. A Dynamic system uses an air compressor to deliver air at the correct pressure. It has a holding or air reserve tank that provides constant pressure. As the air leaves the tank, more air is added to maintain the pressure. The compressor can be fixed or floating, and petrol or electric. A Static system uses a cylinder of compressed gas (often a scuba tank) as the air source.

A fixed compressor is placed on a dock or on a boat while in use. Floating means that the air source is on a floating platform that the diver pulls along with them.

Petrol vs Electric Hookah Dive Systems

Hookah systems are available in both petrol and electric-powered versions. Petrol systems typically power a higher output compressor, allowing one or two divers to dive and breathe easily. Most commercial hookah diving systems are petrol systems. Petrol systems do require more maintenance than electric versions. They're also a bit louder.

The more 'green' electric systems require less maintenance than petrol systems. They can be recharged on the boat, are quiet, easy to start and less prone to corrosion.

Electric units are more suited to families and fun, plus boat owners wanting to do some underwater maintenance at shallow depths. The petrol units are better suited for cray (lobster) and abalone hunting, plus commercial diving applications.

Please read Introduction to Hookah Diving for more information about things you need to consider with a hookah diving setup.

The Environmentalist Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide - The Environmentalist

As stewards of the outdoors, it's critical that we look after the environment, both above and below the water. Being eco-conscious goes beyond recycling and carpooling, and even scuba divers can do their part for the planet. After all, we dive to see the beauty of nature, so it's important we do our best to keep it that way. This holiday season, why not buy the diver in your life something that will help them to help the ocean.

Fourth Element Ocean Debris Bag Fourth Element Ocean Debris Bag
RRP: $22.90, Our Price: $22, You Save $0.90 (4%).
Small enough to be stashed in a pocket or clipped on externally, the bag unrolls to provide a handy way to get involved with cleaning up our diving and snorkelling sites. It can be quickly deployed and used to collect and remove rubbish from the water.

Fourth Element Thermocline 2 Long Sleeve Top - Mens Size M Fourth Element Thermocline 2 Long Sleeve Top - Mens Size M
RRP: $259, Our Price: $249, You Save $10 (4%).
A huge percentage of ocean trash is abandoned fishing nets (ghost nets). Fourth Element decided to turn trash into treasure and use ghost nets to create these long sleeve men's tops. They are lightweight, breathable, hypo-allergenic, and perfect for covering up in the sun.

Fourth Element Thermocline 2 Long Sleeve Top - Ladies Fourth Element Thermocline 2 Long Sleeve Top - Ladies
RRP: $259, Our Price: $246, You Save $13 (5%).
This long sleeve top for women is machine washable and designed to draw moisture away from the skin via its breathable membrane. Bonus: this also helps to keep you warmer in the water. Made from recycled ghost nets, this top is stylish and eco-friendly. It's also perfect under wetsuits for divers who are allergic to neoprene.

Fourth Element Hydroskin Long Sleeve Rashguard - Mens Fourth Element Hydroskin Long Sleeve Rashguard - Mens
RRP: $79.90, Our Price: $75.90, You Save $4 (5%).
Made with recycled post-consumer plastic waste, each Hydroskin OceanPositive Rashguard prevents approximately 7 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill or worse still, the ocean. The Hydroskin rashguards are designed to wear under a wetsuit or semi-dry suit, or as a UV shield for all water sport activities.

Fourth Element Hydroskin Long Sleeve Rashguard - Womens Fourth Element Hydroskin Long Sleeve Rashguard - Womens
RRP: $79.90, Our Price: $75.90, You Save $4 (5%).
The Hydroskin rashguards are tight-fitting with long sleeves and elasticated thumb loops. The ultra-smooth fabric made with a combination of recycled polyester and stretchy elastane reduces friction between the skin and a wetsuit and helps to stop chafing. Presented in a palette of classic and ocean-inspired colours with water-based ink prints on chest and back in complementary tones.

Apollo ATB Pro Dive Boots - Unisex Apollo ATB Pro Dive Boots - Unisex
RRP: $129, Our Price: $116, You Save $13 (10%).
If your friend likes to comb the beach and shallows looking to remove plastic waste and other amn-made debris then they need a pair of these Apollo All Terrain neoprene boots. They provide excellent grip on rocky shorelines.

AquaSketch Minno Scrolling Wrist Slate AquaSketch Minno Scrolling Wrist Slate
RRP: $91, Our Price: $78, You Save $13 (14%).
They may have a slate and they may have wetnotes but do they have a scrolling slate? We doubt it! The Aquasketch can live on their wrist like a curved slate but gives you a much larger scrollable writing area. This is a smart compact solution.

Still Not Sure? Get Them Gift Certificates

The Scuba Doctor Gift Certificates The Scuba Doctor Gift Certificates$5 to $1000
If you still can't decide on a gift for the diver in your life, then why not give them a Gift Certificate from The Scuba Doctor. You may think they already have all of the dive gear they could possibly need, but they WILL be hankering for something. This way they get to choose what's most important to them.


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