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Holiday Diver Must-Have Gifts

Holiday Diver Must-Have Gifts

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the diver in your life this holiday season, we are here to help you decide. Connect your diver to their underwater adventures and allow for joyous celebrations as they take in the beauty of scuba diving. From dive lights, to duffle packs, we have great gift ideas that your diving friends will love.

A dive light is a fantastic gift for scuba divers who hunt for rock lobster (crayfish) and abalone, explore dark spaces inside sunken wrecks, enjoy a night dive, or delve into the cavern zone deep within caves. It allows them to look into crevices, and see all the small details of their dive. This Dive Perfect LED light is simplicity itself. Twist-on, twist-off. 800—1000 lumens of light powered by three AA batteries to deliver a run time of 4 hours of usable light. It features a narrow penetrating 10° centre spot beam with a wide 60° spread that lights up the world. The Dive Perfect Stubby LED-1000 Dive Light will surely light the way for an amazing dive adventure!

Underwater Kinetics Super Hanger Package - 3 Hangers Underwater Kinetics Super Hanger Package - 3 Hangers
RRP: $84.50, Our Price: $74, You Save $10.50 (12%).
This package of three hangers will meet all your dive gear needs when it comes to properly hanging and drying your complete life support system and exposure suit system. The UK Super Wetsuit Hanger is the Hercules of all hangers. This heavy duty hanger is perfect for storing wetsuits and drysuits. The UK Accessories Hanger holds dive gloves, hood, booties and fins. It allows proper drying and keeps them off the floor to prevent damage. The UK Super BCD and Regulator Hanger holds a BC and regulator and has been redesigned for versatility and ease of use. These UK Hangers are sturdy and indestructible, and a great gift for divers who love to travel.

Dive Alert Plus v.2 Surface/Subsurface Signalling Device Dive Alert Plus v.2 Surface/Subsurface Signalling Device
Our Price: $225
This lightweight horn from Dive Alert is a signalling device that uses a quick-connect hose to become part of the power inflator. It can be used as a breathable inflator and buoyancy compensator. It is very easy and fast to install, and doesn't interfere with regular scuba gear. The Dive Alert Plus v2 allows divers to signal to each other both above and below the water.

Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS
Our Price: $335
Keep safety top of mind with this gift. To prepare for emergencies or crisis situations, this is a key piece of safety equipment that can help keep your loved ones safe. This Life-Line marine rescue GPS is completely waterproof and stays afloat in all sea conditions. Calling for help is as simple as pressing a button, which transmits your GPS location to all AIS equipped ships in a 55 km (34 mile) radius.

Mares EOS Strobe Mares EOS Strobe
RRP: $179, Our Price: $161, You Save $18 (10%).
This is a super efficient, aluminium body emergency strobe so divers can be found if they can't find their boat. Waterproof to 100 metres with a tough metal body means it can go anywere. The activation is so easy it can be activated with cold numb hands. This is a great strobe light for scuba diving, boating, yachting, and kayaking. Make sure your friend can be seen in an emergency.

Mares Flexible Foldable Roll-Up Snorkel @ Mares Flexible Foldable Roll-Up Snorkel @
Our Price: $36
Plenty of divers stop taking a snorkel with them on dives once more experienced, however there are plenty of times when a snorkel becomes a valuable safety aid. Plus many holiday dive destinations insist all divers have a snorkel. This foldable roll-up snorkel is the perfect solution. Store it rolled up in your BCD pocket ready to deploy when needed.

The Scuba Doctor 5mm Neoprene Regulator Bag (Plastic Zip) The Scuba Doctor 5mm Neoprene Regulator Bag (Plastic Zip)
RRP: $59, Our Price: $55, You Save $4 (7%).
Regulators are vital to diving, but must be stored safely to avoid damage. It's vitally important to keep them as safe and protected as possible. The Scuba Doctor regulator bag is fully padded and comes with a heavy duty zipper, and a strap to make carrying easier. This regulator bag is the perfect gift for holiday divers.

Dolphin Tech Underwater Notebook Dolphin Tech Underwater Notebook
RRP: $50, Our Price: $39, You Save $11 (22%).
With this notebook taking notes underwater and diving to your plan has never been so easy. This high quality wetnotes design provides easy access to pencils, notes, tables, and accessories. The wetnotes also come with a graphite pencil which can be attached and easily replaced. There is a shock-cord closure loop to keep the diver's notebook closed.

IST Proline Ceramic Line Cutter Dive Knife IST Proline Ceramic Line Cutter Dive Knife
Our Price: $75
Line cutters are key in diving situations where the diver or buddy gets tangled in something like a fishing line. A line cutter will help them cut themselves free. Nothing fancy here, but this award winning ceramic line cutter really gets the job done.

Dolphin Tech Thigh Storage Pouch Dolphin Tech Thigh Storage Pouch
RRP: $49, Our Price: $39, You Save $10 (20%).
Many divers today require a thigh pocket to hold the reels, spools, backup lights, slates, backup masks, etc. that are essential for underwater safety in any environment. Need a great utility pocket? Look no further!

Ocean Hunter Inflatable Torpedo Float w Line & Alpha Flag (Ylw) Ocean Hunter Inflatable Torpedo Float w Line & Alpha Flag (Ylw)
RRP: $49, Our Price: $46.50, You Save $2.50 (5%).
This is great for a scuba diving or snorkelling surface marker, or as a surface platform for spearfishing and free diving. It will help to keep your loved one safe by telling everyone on the surface where the divers are.

Mares Diver Tool Kit Mares Diver Tool Kit
RRP: $50, Our Price: $45, You Save $5 (10%).
This is a simple tool kit to solve basic issues that can save dives. Comes in a handy zip fastening pouch containing: knife, 2 adjustable spanners, multi-driver with optional heads, allen keys, pliers, O-ring pick and tie wraps. Essential tools that could help your friend to make a fast on site repair or adjustment as required.

Cressi Gorilla Pro XL Dry Camouflage Duffel Bag - 135 lt Cressi Gorilla Pro XL Dry Camouflage Duffel Bag - 135 lt
RRP: $239, Our Price: $215, You Save $24 (10%).
This is a large and roomy bag with plenty of space for storage. Equipment can be washed with water while still inside the bag due to the waterproof material and special draining cap. No water comes out when transported, even in the trunk of a car. This duffel makes the ideal travel companion.

Scuba First Aid Kit Scuba First Aid Kit
RRP: $72, Our Price: $36, You Save $36 (50%).
The Scuba First Aid Kit from The Scuba Doctor is the ultimate piece of dive equipment every diver should own! Designed to cope with the typical accidents that can happen while scuba diving or snorkelling. Easily stored, these First Aid Kits are perfect to keep divers and snorkellers safe and well from everything a busy, active life can throw at them.

Still Not Sure? Get Them Gift Certificates

The Scuba Doctor Gift Certificates The Scuba Doctor Gift Certificates$5 to $1000
If you still can't decide on a gift for the diver in your life, then why not give them a Gift Certificate from The Scuba Doctor. You may think they already have all of the dive gear they could possibly need, but they WILL be hankering for something. This way they get to choose what's most important to them.


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