Nitrox Calculator - Top Up Mix

This calculator enables you to work out the price of a nitrox top up fill based on your required mix and cylinder details, when starting with an existing air fill or nitrox blend. It also will give you the price for this fill at The Scuba Doctor.

Maximum pressure for Nitrox fills up to 70% Oxygen is 240 bar.
Maximum pressure for Nitrox fills above 70% Oxygen fills is 200 bar.

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Nitrox Top-Up Fill Price Calculator

Current Mix Details:

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Cylinder Details:

Nitrox Fill & Price Details — Top Up Mix
Current Mix Requested Mix
Current Oxygen: 21% Required Oxygen: 32%
Current Nitrogen: 79% Required Nitrogen: 68%
Dive Planning
PPO2: 1.40 Max Depth: 34
    EAD: 30
Cylinder Details
Cylinder Size: 12.20 litres
Current Pressure: 50 bars
Fill Pressure: 240 bars
Mix Method
Gas Litres Bar End Bar Price (inc GST)
Start Nitrox 21: 610 50    
Add Oxygen: 408 33 83 $ 20.38
Add Air: 1,910 157 240 $ 5.00
Mix Totals: 2,318 190    
Fill Totals: 2,928 240    
Blending: $ 5.00
Price from The Scuba Doctor
Price (ex GST): $ 27.62
GST: $ 2.76
Total Price (inc GST): $ 30.38

Nitrox Fill Prices: (inc GST)
Oxygen: 5.0 cents per litre
Air: $ 5.00 per fill for O2 less than 100%
Blending: $ 5.00 per fill

Please Note: The above prices are subject to change without notice.

Disclaimer: This calculator provides information about gas mixing. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is there any implication that any gas mixture is safe or even life supporting. If you have not received training in Gas Mixing, Nitrox, Trimix or Heliox you should not attempt to mix any gas. Improper use of gasses in diving can result in injury or death. The Scuba Doctor takes no responsibility for the information provided above.

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