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Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs use dive manufacturer's recommended parts and service kits wherever possible. This ensures that we are protected and that you, the customer is also protected. While this may not make us the cheapest scuba diving servicing engineers around, it does provide you with peace of mind.

3 Month Guarantee

All our dive equipment servicing is guaranteed for 3 months from the date of service. If it goes wrong within that time through normal diving activities, bring it back to us and we will service it again free of charge.

Travelling Overseas?

Please note that the high pressure seat in diving regulator first stage reducing valves need a short time to bed in. While we try to alleviate this by working the scuba regulator (achieved by lightly pressing the purge button a number of times) on completion of the service, you may experience a slight free flow when the regulator is first used. This will disappear very quickly.

However, we recommend that your dive regulators are used prior to going on overseas holidays where the climate and humidity may be very different to the servicing environment. For more information on this issue please contact Scuba Doctor Service and Repairs.


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