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The Scuba Doctor is one of the largest retailers and mail order suppliers of snorkeling gear, including new Snorkels, Snorkel Masks, Snorkel Fins, Snorkel Sets and Packages, plus Snorkel Bags, in Melbourne and Australia. The best combination of top brands, quality service, vast selection, knowledgeable staff and everyday low pricing.

Snorkelling sets can either come as a manufacturer prepackaged mask and snorkel set (with or without fins), or a set we have customised to combine different features that will suit specific snorkellers' needs. For example, if you are a nervous snorkeller then perhaps you would want to spend the extra dollars for a completely dry snorkel with a float at the top that greatly minimises the amount of water that gets into the snorkel, or if you are a comfortable snorkeller then this feature is probably an overkill.

With our knowledge over the years we have tried to combine some of the best snorkelling equipment features and price to make your life easier when it comes to choosing!

For quality child and junior snorkelling gear, please see Kids Corner.

If you need to learn a little more on snorkelling gear and want to choose the best option, please read our Trusted Snorkelling Advice articles. For advice on looking after your snorkelling gear please see Equipment Care and Maintenance.

Snorkel Family Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide - The Snorkel Family

Families that snorkel together, stay together. If you know a snorkelling family that you'd love to buy gifts for this holiday season, we are here to help you choose the perfect presents for their underwater adventurers. From snorkels to wetsuits, we've got you covered. Here are our top gifts for the family who is preparing for their next snorkelling trip.

Tusa Sport Reef Tourer Snorkelling Vest - Youth Tusa Sport Reef Tourer Snorkelling Vest - Youth
RRP: $75, Our Price: $67, You Save $8 (11%).
Keep the whole family safe while snorkelling. This youth sized snorkelling vest provides maximum comfort and safety. It comes in high-visibility yellow for safety, and is equipped with an easy oral inflation valve. Sadly, too many visitors and newcomers to Australia drown at beaches each year. These deaths often could have been avoided if they were wearing a snorkelling vest. Available in an adult size also. Snorkelling vests reduce fatigue, and help family members stay snorkelling, longer!

There is a great mask and snorkel combo available for every member of the family. Our choices for the top gift picks are:

For 3+ year Old Child Faces
Land and Sea Starfish Child Swim Mask and Snorkel Set (2-6 yrs) Land and Sea Starfish Child Swim Mask and Snorkel Set (2-6 yrs)
Our Price: $25
With the smallest silicone mask available on the market, this is a great mask, snorkel and fin set to get the little ones started in the water snorkelling at the beach or in the pool.

For 4 to 6 Years
Tusa Sport Mini-Platina Child Mask Snorkel Combo (4-6 yrs) Tusa Sport Mini-Platina Child Mask Snorkel Combo (4-6 yrs)
RRP: $49, Our Price: $30, You Save $19 (39%).
Combines a small, low volume, 1-window mask, which fits kids aged 4 to 6 years old, with an easy clearing snorkel.

For 6 to 12 Years
Tusa Sport Kleio Mini-Fit Youth Elite Combo (6-12 yrs) Tusa Sport Kleio Mini-Fit Youth Elite Combo (6-12 yrs)
RRP: $49.50, Our Price: $44.50, You Save $5 (10%).
This value for money mask and snorkel set is great for the 6–12 year old snorkellers in the family. The colour choices will keep everyone happy!

For Adults with Small to Medium Width Faces
Tusa Sport Splendive Elite Adult Mask and Snorkel Set Tusa Sport Splendive Elite Adult Mask and Snorkel Set
RRP: $79, Our Price: $71, You Save $8 (10%).
This is a high performance mask and snorkel set with an affordable price tag. Great for snorkelling, the Splendive mask is often the first choice of many divers for comfort and features

For Adults with Medium to Large Width Faces
Tusa Sport Liberator Elite Adult Combo Mask and Snorkel Set Tusa Sport Liberator Elite Adult Combo Mask and Snorkel Set
RRP: $73, Our Price: $66, You Save $7 (10%).
With a long history of providing a great mask and snorkel set for snorkellers and divers alike, this combination is an affordable, quality solution.

Mares Reef Mens Wetsuit - 3mm Mares Reef Mens Wetsuit - 3mm
RRP: $199, Our Price: $179, You Save $20 (10%).
A 3mm full length wetsuit is can keep you warm while snorkelling even in temperate waters. This menís wetsuit from Mares isnít just extremely comfortable and easy to put on, itís also durable and fits well in all the right places. It comes in multiple sizes and is perfect for keeping snorkellers warm, as well as protecting them from the sun. A women's version is also available.

Hyperion Mako Dive Mask with GoPro Mount Hyperion Mako Dive Mask with GoPro Mount
Our Price: $99
This is an awesome snorkelling mask, featuring an incredibly comfortable black silicone skirt with an ultra-low internal volume.. But it doesnít stop there. This mask also has an integrated mount for the GoPro Hero action camera, allowing the user to take awesome videos and pictures without worrying about dropping or losing the camera.

Cressi Pluma Full Foot Fins Cressi Pluma Full Foot Fins
RRP: $64, Our Price: $60, You Save $4 (6%).
Fins make snorkelling so much easier. Great for snorkellers and scuba divers these fins deliver high performance, extreme lightness, easy fining, and comfort. The extended, lightweight, long blades ensure fluid, easy kicks.

Ocean Hunter Inflatable Torpedo Float w Line & Alpha Flag (Ylw) Ocean Hunter Inflatable Torpedo Float w Line & Alpha Flag (Ylw)
RRP: $49, Our Price: $46.50, You Save $2.50 (5%).
This is a great snorkelling surface marker buoy that increases visibility and safety when snorkelling in areas with boat traffic. It glides effortlessly through the water while helping to keep your loved one safe by telling everyone on the surface where the snorkellers are.

Trident Deluxe Snorkelling Bag Trident Deluxe Snorkelling Bag
RRP: $108, Our Price: $97, You Save $11 (10%).
As a snorkeller, it's nice to have all your gear together in one place so that nothing gets lost. This snorkel bag from Trident is big enough to keep fins, mask, snorkel, towel, and more all together. This bag is ready to go.

Still Not Sure? Get Them Gift Certificates

The Scuba Doctor Gift Certificates The Scuba Doctor Gift Certificates$5 to $1000
If you still can't decide on a gift for the diver in your life, then why not give them a Gift Certificate from The Scuba Doctor. You may think they already have all of the dive gear they could possibly need, but they WILL be hankering for something. This way they get to choose what's most important to them.

For a Holiday Gift Guide for The Kids, please see Start Them Young. For information about snorkelling locally and where the family can go snorkelling, please see Snorkelling in Melbourne.

Warning: Please DO NOT buy a full face mask for any snorkeller. They are deadly dangerous! For the reasons why, please see Full Face Snorkel Mask Dangers.


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