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Child/Junior Masks

Kids want to look like mum and dad and, more often than not, do the same things and snorkelling is no exception. In fact it is one of the best family oriented sports around today. It is a great way to expose them to a world of wonder which will spark their imagination and ignite the explorer in them. Finding quality a mask that fits your little one and finding comfort can be challenging. This is why we offer a child and junior only mask category that includes masks that are designed especially for them. It is loaded with high quality, kids friendly masks. Remember when purchasing to get the current size for your kid, not something that you want them to grow into.

Note: Diving/snorkelling masks are very different to Swimming Goggles. See Goggles vs Masks.

Scuba Equipment Manuals

The user and owner manuals listed below are generally PDF versions of the original paper manuals you would have received with your dive equipment. So if you've lost them, you can access them here. We recommend taking the manuals for your dive gear with you on a computer or USB stick when traveling.


BCD Manuals

Apeks Low Profile Dump Valves Guide
Aqualung Pro QD XLT Owners Guide
Aqualung Diva XLT Owners Guide
Aqualung Grip Lock Tank Band Guide
Aqualung Pearl i3 Owners Guide
Aqualung ProQD i3 Owners Guide
Aqualung Passport Owners Guide
Aqualung Latitude XLT Owners Guide
Aqualung Black Diamond Owners Guide
Buddy BCD Instruction Manual
Buddy Auto Air Manual
Cressi BCD Guide To Inflators
Cressi Lock-Aid System
Dive Rite Transpac Manual
Hollis BCD Manual
Hollis Ride Harness Manual
Hollis SMS50 Harness Manual
Hollis SMS100 Harness Manual
Mares Airtrim Guide
Mares Dragon AT Owners Guide
Mares Dragon MRS Plus Owners Guide
Mares Kaila MRS Plus Owners Guide
Oceanic BCD Owners Guide
OMS BC Service Manual
OMS Buoyancy Compensator Owners's Manual (2015)
OMS Buoyancy Compensator User's Guide
OMS Cummerbund Manual
OMS Elastomeeric Band Installation Guide
OMS Side-Mount System Instructions
OMS Standard Harness User's Guide
Scubapro BCD Owners Guide
Scubapro X-Tek Manual

Dive Computer Manuals

Apeks Pulse Manual
Apeks Quantum Manual
Cressi Archimedes I Manual
Cressi Archimedes II Manual
Cressi Drake Instruction Manual
Cressi Giotto User Manual
Cressi Giotto User Manual
Cressi Leonardo Guide
Cressi Newton Instruction Manual
Divesoft Freedom Bottom Timer User Manual
Divesoft Freedom User Manual(15-Jun-2015)
Liquivision Kaon User Manual
Liquivision Xen User Manual
Liquivision Xeo User Manual
Liquivision X1 User Manual
Mares Drak Manual
Mares Icon HD (Air Integrated) Manual
Mares Icon HD Manual
Mares Iris Manual
Mares Matrix Manual
Mares Puck Air Manual
Mares Puck Pro Manual
Mares Puck Manual
Mares Nemo Air Manual
Mares Nemo Excel Manual
Mares Nemo Wide Manual
Oceanic Atom 3 Manual
Oceanic BUD Manual
Oceanic Computer Saftety Guide
Oceanic Datamask Manual
Oceanic Geo Manual
Oceanic Geo 2 Manual
Oceanic OC1 Manual
Oceanic OCS Manual
Oceanic Veo 1.0
Oceanic Veo 2.0
Oceanic Veo 3.0
Oceanic VT 4.0
Oceanic Veo 100NX Manual
Oceanic Veo 100 Manual
Oceanic Veo 180NX Manual
Oceanic VT3 Manual
Oceanic Atom 1 Manual
Oceanic Atom 2 Manual
Scubapro AIR 2 Manual
Scubapro Aladin 2G Manual
Scubapro Galileo Luna Manual
Scubapro Galileo Sol Manual
Scubapro Galileo Terra Manual
Scubapro Meridian Manual
Suunto D4 Manual
Suunto D6 Manual
Suunto D9 Manual
Suunto D4i and D4i Novo User Guide
Suunto D6i and D6i Novo User Guide
Suunto D9tx Manual
Suunto DX User Guide
Suunto Eon Steel 1.1 User Guide
Suunto HelO2 Manual
Suunto Vyper Air Manual
Suunto Zoop Manual
Suunto Zoop Novo User Guide
Suunto Vyper 2 Manual
Suunto Mosquito Manual
Suunto Stinger Manual
Suunto Vytec Manual
Suunto Vyper Manual
Suunto Vyper Novo User Guide
Suunto Gekko Manual
Suunto D3 Manual
Suunto Cobra Manual
Suunto Cobra 2 Manual
Suunto Cobra 3 Manual
Suunto Combo User Guide
Suunto Wireless Transmitter Quick Guide
Uwatec Aladin Air Manual
Uwatec Aladin Air Z 2 Manual
Uwatec Aladin Air Z 1 Manual
Uwatec Aladin Prime Manual
Uwatec Smart Pro Manual
Uwatec Smart Com Manual
Uwatec Aladin Z Nitrox Manual
Uwatec Aladin Tec Manual
Uwatec Aladin Smart Tec Manual
Uwatec Aladin Pro Ultra Manual
Uwatec Aladin Prime Manual

Dive Light Manuals

Atorch CV01 Dive Torch User Manual
Atorch CV07 Dive Torch User Manual
Atorch TC01 Dive Torch User Manual
Atorch TC05 Dive Torch User Manual
Cressi Astra Manual
Cressi Lucciola 3 Iodio Manual
Dive Perfect Stubby LED-1000 User Manual
OMS Phantom Professional 1 LED Dive Light Owner's Manual
OMS Phantom 3 and 7 Dive Light Service Manual
OMS Phantom 3 LED Dive Light Owner's Manual
OMS Phantom 7 LED Dive Light Owner's Manual
OMS Vega Backup Light Operation Instructions

Regulator Manuals

Apeks General Regulator Manual
Apeks Flight Reference Guide
Apeks XTX Manual
Aqualung General Regulator Manual
Cressi Regulator Directions For Use (2014)
Cressi Regulator Directions For Use (2015)
Cressi MC5 Manual
Cressi General Regulator Manual
Hollis Regulator Manual
Mares Abyss 22 Extreme Manual
Mares Abyss 22, 42 & 52 Manual
Mares Carbon 22, 42 & 52 Manual
Mares Abyss MR32 Manual
Mares Rebel Manual
Mares Prestige 12 Manual
Mares Prestige 12S Manual
Mares Proton 32 Manual
Mares Proton Extreme Manual
Mares V42 Proton Metal Manual
Oceanic Regulator Owners Manual
Scubapro Owners Regulator Manual

Spearfishing Manuals

Cressi Saetta Airgun Spare Parts Catalog
Cressi SL / SL Star Airgun Manual
Cressi Spearguns Instruction Manual 2014

Underwater Camera Manuals

Intova CP9 Manual
Intova Edge X User's Manual
Intova IC12 Manual
Intova IC14 Manual
Intova Nova HD User's Manual
Intova Sport HD User's Manual
Intova Sport HD II User's Manual
Intova Sport HD Edge User's Manual

Other Manuals

Cressi Tank Valve Manual (2007)
Cressi Tank Valve Manual (2010)
Divesoft He/O2 Analyzer User's Manual
Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS Manual
OMS Spring Heel Strap Installation for OMS Slipstream Fins

The Best Things in Life are FREE

The U.S. Navy Diving Manual is a very complete reference on diving based on the extensive research and experience of the U.S. Navy. The manual contains major sections covering rebreathers, no-decompression diving, open-circuit SCUBA, surface-supplied diving, the diving environment, Navy dive procedures, physics, physiology and recompression chamber operation. The U.S. Navy Diving Manual underwent some significant updates with the seventh revision issued in December 2016.

Although much of the information is interesting, it may have limited application to your recreational diving. Still, recreational diving has some of its roots in the almost 1000 pages of this document. Best of all, it's available at no charge because it was developed with US taxpayer funds. You can download the U.S. Navy Diving Manual, Revision 7 (01-Dec-2016) as a PDF format document from the Navy's own website. The file is large, 14 MB, so best to right click on the link and "Save..." it to your hard drive rather than open it in the browser.

Note: The service manuals provided here are to let divers understand what happens during an annual service to their equipment. Unless factory trained, you should not service your own equipment.


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