Melbourne Guided Dives

Melbourne Guided Dives

Not familiar with our local area, or don't have a buddy available and really want to get in the water for a dive? Then let The Scuba Doctor organise to have your own PADI Professional in the water with you guiding you around a local shore dive site and making sure you are safe in the water of an unfamiliar area.

A PADI professional guide will acquaint you with one of our local shore dives (e.g. Blairgowrie Pier or Rye Pier) so that you feel more comfortable in the local underwater environment after your dive.

A guided dive is for divers of all levels, designed to assist you with applying what you know about Scuba Diving and apply this to the local environment via a fun, relaxed dive.

Our PADI Discover Local Diving Experience includes a PADI Professional supervised dive in an area (normally a local pier) on the Mornington Peninsula.

Popular Guided Shore Dives

You can meet some of the rarest local marine life on our great local shore dives. You can see Weedy Sea Dragons, Seahorses, Stingrays, Giant Spider Crabs and much more. Popular favourite shore dive sites include:

For more information about these pier dive sites, please see our Melbourne Pier Dives web page.

Unguided Melbourne Dives

In many parts of the diving world most dives are conducted with a local dive guide leading the way. In Melbourne the diving culture is more independently minded, and most dives are done without dive guides.

Thus, divers who are more comfortable diving with a guide who are new to Melbourne, or visiting from interstate or overseas, often struggle to be able to find a local dive guide. Via our Dive Resources web pages we endeavour to provide you with information about local dive sites, such that you and your dive buddy might feel okay about undertaking some of the local dives without a dive guide.

On our Dive Site Selection web page, we provide a list of Facebook Resources for Melbourne Dive Sites. You can use these to obtain more information about local dive sites and up-to-date condition reports. You might also use them to hook up with local divers who, if you ask very nicely, just might let you join them on a local dive.

Unguided Boat Dives

When booking onto a boat dive in most parts of the world, you might expect a dive guide to be provided. But that's not so here in Melbourne. Our local dive boat charter operators are usually catering for our more independently minded local divers. So if you want to have a dive guide, you're going to need to ask for one when you book your boat dive, and pay extra if one is available. We suggest booking as far in advance as possible, so the dive boat operator has ample opportunity to organise a dive guide for you.

Dive Gear Hire

If you don't have all of the scuba equipment you need for a guided or unguided boat or shore dive, then take a look at our range of Hire Equipment. We have BCDs, regulator sets with dive computers, cylinders/tanks, wetsuits and weight belts available for rental.

Please note: We DO NOT hire out masks, snorkels, fins, dive boots, gloves, hoods or dive lights for recreational or technical scuba diving. Bring your own, or buy them from us.

Please Note: We strongly recommend that unguided divers have recent experience of diving in temperate (aka cold) waters. If you've only dived in warm, benign tropical waters in nothing but shorts and a T-shirt, adapting to cold water diving in a 7 mm wetsuit is quite an adjustment.

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