Wetsuit and Drysuit Repairs

Wetsuit and Drysuit Repairs

The following Victorian companies are the ones we suggest you should contact for wetsuit and drysuit repairs.

DKG Drysuits

Damien repairs drysuit wrist and neck seals, zips and boot and pocket replacements, including p-valve supply and fitting. He repairs all types of drysuits including neoprene, trilaminate and commercial suits.

tel. 0466 912 190
email. damien@drysuit.com.au
website. www.drysuit.com.au
address. 32 Talbot Street, Altona Meadows VIC 3028


Martin Owen and the team at Oceansuits not only repair wetsuits and drysuits, they make them as well. If you need a custom suit, Oceansuits is who you call.

tel. 03 9702 4993
email. sales@oceansuits.com.au
website. www.oceansuits.com.au
address. Factory 3/101 Wedgewood Road, Hallam VIC 3803

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