Essential Spearfishing Gear

Essential Spearfishing Gear

Here at The Scuba Doctor we’ve put together an essential spearfishing gear guide to help beginner and novice spearos to find the equipment you'll need and features to look for. Plus we've provided links to the appropriate sections of our online dive shop. And finally, we have our products recommendations for those on a budget and/or looking for top quality gear.

Why spearfishing?

Spearfishing is the most economically friendly way to catch and eat fish and is growing in popularity over commercial fishing. There is virtually zero by-catch and no ghost gear is left behind afterwards unlike commercial fishing practices. Spearfishing takes skill, patience and specialist equipment to do it properly so it's best to take a course first.

An awesome video showing spearfishing in Melbourne by James James.

Speargun – Key Features

Grip: — Your grip needs to fit in your hand comfortably as it needs to line up with your outstretched arm to line up your shot.

Length: — Short barrels are good for cramped places and surf but they lack the accuracy of a longer barrel. Long barrels are for accurate open water long shots but take longer to move to aim.

Muzzle: — Open muzzles are easier to load and have a better view down the shaft to aim. Closed muzzles hold the end of your shaft on the rail so it doesn't bounce out in turbulence.

Sling or Pneumatic: — Slings use a pair of rubber bungees to propel your shaft. Pneumatic use compressed air to propel your shaft.

Cressi Comanche Pacific Speargun - 75cm to 120cm Cressi Comanche Pacific Speargun - 75cm to 120cm
RRP: $365, Our Price: $329, You Save $36 (10%).
A great all rounder gun that is top quality at an affordable price. The most popular spearguns in Victoria are those with a 90 cm or 100 cm stock/barrel length. This length gun will allow you to hunt and land quality reef and smaller pelagic species such as salmon, trevally and whiting and has an effective range of 3 to 4 metres maximum.

Cressi Sioux Speargun - 50cm to 75cm Cressi Sioux Speargun - 50cm to 75cm
RRP: $139, Our Price: $129, You Save $10 (7%).
This is a spear gun for quick fishing with excellent maneuverability. Those doing close inshore work chasing smaller fish species like the 75 cm and 60 cm size Sioux spearguns.

Spearfishing Floatline

Attaches either to your gun or your spear for easier retrieval if your shaft gets stuck and you need to surface without it.

It is important to attach a float line to your gun and your float for many reasons. Having a float line means that you can drop your speargun and retrieve it from the surface by pulling the float line up. Whether you have shot a big fish or got your gun stuck in coral it is important to have a float line so that you do not lose your speargun!

Ocean Hunter Foam Filled Float Line 20m Ocean Hunter Foam Filled Float Line 20m
RRP: $79, Our Price: $71, You Save $8 (10%).
Ideal for all types of underwater hunting. This design offers unparalleled buoyancy whilst spearfishing and is ideal for use when you're big game spearfishing. It is also available in 10 metre and 30 metre lengths.

JBL Sea Vine Float Line 20m JBL Sea Vine Float Line 20m
RRP: $239, Our Price: $179, You Save $60 (25%).
It floats, it stretches, and it's actually large enough to fight a fish. The 20 metre long line's proprietary design means that you now have a float line that stretches like a bungee, but is durable enough to drag through the rockiest of bottoms. Also available as a 30 metre line.

Spearfishing Mask

Your spearfishing mask needs to be low volume with a wide FOV so you don't need to equalise when descending and you can see the whole environment when you are fishing.

Did you ever wonder why all the good spear fishermen wear only dark skirt masks? Clear silicone skirts can create reflections on the inside of the lenses from surface light distracting the hunter's focus on the prey. Real underwater hunters always wear Black skirt masks.

This mask is popular among and spearos for its ultra-low profile and extremely low volume, and it blends the best qualities of dive and swim masks. A narrow bridge separates curved lenses that give divers a true 180-degree range of visibility while a sleek frame and trim buckles reduce drag while diving.

Cressi Nano Black HD Mirrored Lens Mask Cressi Nano Black HD Mirrored Lens Mask
RRP: $149, Our Price: $134, You Save $15 (10%).
Designed to offer an extremely hydrodynamic and compact shape to help spearos cut through the water and aid movements in small spaces. The High Definition Mirrored Lenses increase vision clearness by 15%.

Spearfishing Wetsuit

Different from a scuba or surfing wetsuit, the spearfishing wetsuit is a 2-part suit with a sticky open cell lining to trap water and keep you warmer in the water, but are much harder to get into.

The spear fishing wetsuit thickness you need will depend on the water temperature where you are diving.

Cressi Tecnica Two Piece Spearfishing Wetsuit - 3.5mm Mens Cressi Tecnica Two Piece Spearfishing Wetsuit - 3.5mm Mens
RRP: $649, Our Price: $585, You Save $64 (10%).
A 2-piece suit design that is made using special Computer Printing Technology for a unique Camouflage Pattern that renders the Diver Nearly Invisible, even at a short distance making this one great suit for the hunt.

Spear Shafts and Heads

Tahitian shafts have a single retracting barb either on the top (superior) or bottom (inferior) and a pointed tip. Threaded tips can have different heads fitted onto a single shaft depending on your needs.

Spearheads come in all different shapes and sizes depending on what and where you are hunting. Simple Tahitian shafts are faster and more accurate but can pass straight through some targets when you may need to hit the fish with more energy to dispatch it properly. Multi-point and heavier heads give you more chance of hitting your target across one axis and can transfer all of the energy of the shot quickly to dispatch the fish.

Spearfishing Gloves

Both thermal and abrasion protection are offered by your diving gloves. Thin 1.5 mm dyneema gloves maintain dexterity while keeping your hands warm in the water. But if you're hands are getting too cold, you'll need thicker gloves for more thermal protection.

Salvimar Dyneema Gloves - 0.8mm Salvimar Dyneema Gloves - 0.8mm
RRP: $59, Our Price: $53, You Save $6 (10%).
The use of continuous thread of Dyneema line make these gloves strong, durable and a pair of gloves you won't be replacing soon, no matter how hard you try and wear them.

Spearfishing Stringer

A simple line to attach to your float with a threading bar on one end to hold your catch and transport it back to the shore.

When you're out spear fishing you don't need to keep going back to the boat or shore every time you spear a fish. Experienced spear fishers always carry a fish stringer to carry their game, made from strong long lasting materials.

JBL Competition Fish Stringer JBL Competition Fish Stringer
RRP: $31.50, Our Price: $30, You Save $1.50 (5%).
Easy to use the stringer bar is placed through the fishes gill cover and out its mouth. Then simply thread the bar through the stainless loop to secure fish. Once the fish is secured you can attach the stringer loop to your buoy or weight belt.

Spearfishing Weight Belt

Webbing or rubber weight belts hold you lead around your waist with a quick release mechanism to ditch quickly if necessary.

Spearfishing weight systems are either a traditional belt style or a vest style that keeps the lead up towards your shoulder to keep your shoulders down for a natural position in the water.

A secure weight belt or weight harness is a critical safety item for any diver, it must be able to be released quickly in an emergency allowing you to drop your weights but be secure not to come loose during normal diving activities.

JBL Rubber Weight Belt with Marseille Buckle - 140cm JBL Rubber Weight Belt with Marseille Buckle - 140cm
RRP: $79, Our Price: $75, You Save $4 (5%).
These weight belts are comfortable and streamlined. The heavy-duty 300 series stainless buckle is easy to use and lasts a lifetime.

Move some of your weight up onto your back using this weight vest for improved trim and an easier to manage weight belt. As any spearo knows, it's the initial duck dive from the surface that is crucial to success. Moving some weight up onto your back makes it much easier to get a better transition from the surface to depth.

Spearfishing Float

A surface marker buoy to let others know where you are in the water and to attach your equipment to prevent loss.

You need an easy to tow surface marker float that stays on the surface while you're spear fishing. The dive flags on these spearfishing floats are used to alert anyone on the surface that there are divers below.

Ocean Hunter Inflatable Torpedo Float with Line and Alpha Flag Ocean Hunter Inflatable Torpedo Float with Line and Alpha Flag
RRP: $50, Our Price: $45, You Save $5 (10%).
Specifically designed with the spearo in mind by incorporating a stream lined torpedo styled float which will glide effortlessly through the water and allow you to easily tow it behind you without feeling like you're pulling a truck.

Someone finally came up with a reasonably priced, super tough float. This 2 atmosphere, 30 litre inflatable float is designed to take a beating. Constructed of Hyperlon (inflatable boat material) and bladderless, the performance is unbeatable. The unique shape ensures optimum resistance when fighting fish and effortless gliding when tracking a diver.

Spearfishing Knife

A short pointed knife to cut lines and dispatch your catch as quickly as possible if your shot doesn't kill your catch outright.

A pointed tip dagger knife is perfect for spearfishing as it has a pointed tip to spike your fish, a smoothly sharpened blade for slicing fish for burly, and a serrated edge for cutting through ropes. It is also important to consider how the dive knife is strapped and how it can be taken out for use.

Ocean Design Apollo SQR 420 SS Dive Knife - Point Tip Ocean Design Apollo SQR 420 SS Dive Knife - Point Tip
RRP: $79, Our Price: $71, You Save $8 (10%).
A great spear fishing kill knife. Made from super strong 420 Stainless Steel with a very effective locking mechanism. Features a neoprene leg harness for comfort and automatic compensation for wetsuit compression.

Spearfishing Fins

Spearfishing fins are longer, more flexible and of a simpler design than scuba diving fins as they are designed to get the spearfisher to greater depths while conserving energy and oxygen.

Long fins transfer energy more efficiently and are made from one of three different materials. Polymer blades are tough but fibreglass and carbon fibre blades are more efficient at moving you through the water.

Cressi Gara Modular Full Foot Fins Cressi Gara Modular Full Foot Fins
RRP: $199, Our Price: $179, You Save $20 (10%).
The modular design lets the user replace/interchange blades for specific diving purposes, which make the perfect fin to grow with, as the diver can change blades as the divers skills increase.

Spearfishing Boots and Socks

Spearfishing fins have full foot pockets that are made to be used with neoprene socks to keep your feet warm instead of hard soled boots.

Dive socks are a must for all spearfishers and serve a range of purposes such as preventing blisters, keeping your feet warm and ensuring that you get a perfect fit from your spearfishing fins.

Feature a reinforced non-skid sole and are double lined. They make a great sock for use with full-foot fins in the tropics and temperate waters of southern Australia. The extra strong soles have an anti-slip layer to avoid skidding or slipping on wet rocks or the boat's deck.

The Scuba Doctor Air, Nitrox and Trimix Fills