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7 Day Wind and Wave Forecast for Melbourne
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Port Phillip Local Waters Forecast

Forecast issued at 4:40 pm EST on Sunday 25 August 2019.

Weather Situation

A slow moving high pressure system centred just south of the Bight, extends a ridge eastwards over inland Victoria that will persist until Tuesday, maintaining a west to southwesterly airflow over Bass Strait. A cold front will move across the Southern Ocean on Tuesday, crossing Bass Strait on Wednesday. A high pressure system will develop south of the Bight on Wednesday, before moving to the south of Tasmania later Thursday.

The next routine forecast will be issued at 5:10 am EST Monday.

Full Port Phillip Local Waters Forecast.

Scuba Doctor Weather Station

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We often smile as it unfolds that the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula region can have four seasons in one day, but these small changes in weather generally do not effect diving. If rain is forecast, it doesn't matter as you're already planning to get wet! When it's raining you will often find that the wind dies down and surface conditions improve.

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