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Optical Lens - Apollo Bio Metal Mask

Starting at: $89.00

  • Model: LE07***
  • Brand: Apollo Scuba

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Product Description

Apollo individual corrective lenses for the Apollo Bio Metal series masks are carefully crafted to provide optical clarity from high quality optical safety glass.

Corrective Lenses:

  • Negative: -1.0 to -9.0, step 0.5
  • Positive: not available
  • Bifocal: not available

Negative dioptre lenses for those with near-sighted or myopic vision are available in:
-0.5 dioptre increments from -1.0 to -9.0.

Please Note
The lenses are interchangeable (designed to fit either the left or right frame).

Price is per lens — not for a set. Should your prescription be the same for both eyes please just order your required strength x 2.

(04/16 LRB)