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Apollo Edge Drysuit with Boots - Female

DS301** - SO
Apollo Scuba
$2,699.00 $2,429.00


The Apollo Edge Female 4mm Microcell Neoprene Drysuit with Boots is designed to cater for every Australian woman diver's needs. Available in off-the-rack sizing or custom made.

Despite its modest price tag the Apollo Edge Unisex Drysuit leads the way in recreational diving in Australia.

Compare the price advantage, the extra features, the performance and the style that make it the "Best Buy" drysuit available.

Apollo Edge Drysuit HighlightsMore Features... More Safety! The Apollo Edge Drysuit was designed to cater for every Australian divers needs.

Apollo Edge Drysuit with Boots Features:

  • NEW: 4 mm Microcell Neoprene offers flexibility, extra warmth without bulk, this suit is equal to diving in a 7 mm wetsuit.
  • NEW: adjustable Neoprene seals
  • Strong nylon jersey material inside and out
  • Patented adjustable wrist valve
  • Patented adjustable ankle valve
  • NEW: Patented 360 degree swivelling inflator valve to suit any hose configuration
  • NEW: Patented adjustable variable pressure automatic shoulder dump valve
  • Internal seams area heat sealed for extra strength and warmth
  • Built in strong comfortable boots
  • Adjustable braces for comfort
  • Black colour with red and silver logos
  • 4 ladies sizes from S to M/L
  • Matching hood available
  • Includes zip lube
  • Includes drysuit inflator hose - 82 cm (32 in) LP Inflator hose

Your purchase includes:

  • Free Zip lubricant
  • Free Drysuit inflator hose - 82 cm (32 in) LP Inflator hose
  • Free Apollo Drysuit Hanger

Measuring For An Apollo Edge Of The Rack Suit

Please view/download the Apollo Drysuit Measuring Forms (PDF, 11 pages, 1.4 Mb) and use them to get the best fit possible.

The measuring form is designed to get the best possible fit however it is a guide only. Please choose the Drysuit size that best corresponds to the measurement chart.

The chart is designed to allow some tolerance in the measurements, however the boot size is critical. If you choose a suit and the boot size is too small it will be uncomfortable. To ensure you get the correct boot size follow these simple foot measuring instructions.

Please ask somebody to measure your feet using a ruler in CM. If you do it yourself the measurement will probably be incorrect.

  1. The measurement should be taken with full weight on the feet.
  2. If measurement is not a whole centimetre, round UP to the next highest centimetre.
  3. If you wish to wear thick socks whilst diving, then add one extra centimetre to the measurement.
  4. Measure BOTH feet and use the measurement for largest foot.

Apollo Edge Drysuit Female Size Chart

Female Female Female Female
SIZE   S M M/L Slim M
HEIGHT cm 160-165 166-170 171-175 166-170
WEIGHT kg 60-65 66-70 71-75 59-68
NECK MEASUREMENT cm 34 36 38 34
BACK HEIGHT(TO ANUS) cm 64 66 67 64
TOP BUST/UPPER CHEST cm 88 93.5 95.5 90
BUTTOCK CIRCUMFERENCE cm 94 98.5 100.5 94
SHOULDER WIDTH cm 44 46 46 44
SLEEVE LENGTH cm 74 76 76 75
ARM LENGTH cm 52 53 53 52
SHOULDER JOINT cm 42 43 44 41
FOREARM cm 27 28 29 26
WRIST cm 17 18 18 16
UPPER CROTCH LENGTH cm 67.5 71.5 73 70
LOWER LEG LENGTH cm 38 39 40 39
FOOT LENGTH cm 25 26 27 26

Suit Size and Boot Size

The available sizes of the drysuit compare with the boot size as follows:

  • Size S = Boot size 25
  • Size M = Boot size 26
  • Size M/L = Boot size 27
  • Size Slim/M = Boot size 26

Take Skin Measurements: Apollo drysuit patterns automatically adjust for undergarments. Therefore, measurements should be taken while wearing nothing more than a swimsuit. Should you measure while wearing tracksuits or other undergarments, the drysuit may be too large and bulky.

Drysuit meansurement - Women

For other Apollo Edge Drysuits, please see:

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Custom Made Apollo Edge Dry Suit

Would you prefer a custom made suit?
Going custom made gives you benefits over and above Apollo’s off track EDGE Drysuit model. Please click here.

  • 3.5 mm Microcell neoprene
  • Warmer and more durable inner and outer materials
  • Your choice of colours
  • 3 custom suit designs to choose from

Special Order
We don’t keep this item in stock, but we would love to order it in from our supplier especially for you. This will mean approximately an additional 5 days for delivery.
Please note that because we order the item specifically for you, we sadly can’t offer a return, so please choose the size and colour carefully.

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