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AP Diving Buddy SMBCi Easifil Inflator Hose Adaptor

$35.00  $32.00
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  • Model: AP35P
  • Brand: AP Diving

Product Description

The Buddy AP35P Easifil Inflator Hose Adaptor for SMBCI is for use with an APSMBCi - Surface Marker Buoy with inflation.

The AP35P is an alternative to the 0.1 L mini-cylinder as a method of inflating the SMB. The AP35P fits into the DIN port of the SMBCi and inflation is via a medium pressure hose. Note: The AP35P Easifil can be used with any make of inflator hose, not just AP hoses.

The Easifil has an inflator stem with no locking-groove on it which prevents the hose from becoming attached to the SMB at any point during inflation and so avoids thedanger of any sudden increase in buoyancy to the diver. The hose will be connected only as long as it is held in place by the diver.

(04/14 LRB)

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