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Sonar Mini Button Tech SPG - 350 bar

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  • Model: WMD-AK-202
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Sonar Mini Button 350 bar Tech Submersible Pressure Gauge (aka mini-spg, pony gauge, button gauge) screws directly into the standard high pressure 7/16-inch port of the regulator first stage and does not require a hose or air-spool. It's great for Technical Diving, Deep Diving and Overhead Environment Diving activities.

This high quality gauge is small and compact. This is especially advantageous when used with Stage Cylinders, Decompression Tanks and Safety Stop Bottles where a full size Pressure Gauge is not necessary because you just need an indication of 'full', 'partial', or 'empty'. It works well for applications where the benefit of no hose clutter is desired.

The Sonar Mini Button Tech SPG fluorescent dial face is larger than most and relatively easy to read with clear polycarbonate face cover. The gauge has a wide 220° sweep and measures pressure from 0 to 350 bar. The colour coding on the dial is red screened from 0 to 50 bar for reserve air, yellow screened from 50 to 100 bar for 'partial' air, and green screen from 100 to 350 bar. Numerical pressure increments are 100, 200, 300 and 350 with 50 bar increment indicators.

This pressure gauge has standard 7/16-20" UNF threaded fitting compliant with the ISO 263 standard for connection with demand controls (regulators).

Sonar Mini Button Tech SPG 350 Bar Features

  • Ideal for Stage cylinders, Decompression tanks and Safety Stop bottles
  • Easy to Read - Bright, White, Luminescent Gauge Face
  • Compact design
  • Readout: 0 to 350 bars
  • 220° range of needle movement for improved accuracy


  • Diameter: 28 mm x 14 mm
  • Length: 30 mm
  • Body: Chrome plated brass
  • 7/16-20 inch male HP connection
  • 350 bar

The Sonar Mini Button Tech SPG should be installed as tightly as possible by hand and then just snugged slightly with a large adjustable wrench. Keep in mind it is the O-ring at the base of the threads that makes the seal on the high pressure gas. Excessive force using the wrench won't make a better seal but will warp the SPG body, break the O-ring face seal and cause a flood, or the clear cover to fall out entirely.

The gauge is small and compact. It can be mounted directly into a High Pressure (HP) Port of a First Stage Regulator. To mount this gauge on the end of a High Pressure Hose you'll need a High Pressure (HP) Gauge to Hose Adaptor with Air-Spool.

(08/19 LRB)

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