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Sea & Sea Fibre Optic Cable II M/2 Connectors - Medium 453mm

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  • Model: S&S-50128
  • Brand: Sea & Sea

Product Description

This coiled 453 mm (17.8 inch) Medium length Fibre-Optic Cable II from Sea & Sea is for use in underwater photography. It's equipped with two closed 90° Sea & Sea fittings on the ends. One connects to a compatible external strobe, and the other connects to the fibre-optic cable socket on select underwater housings, allowing your strobe to be triggered by the firing of the camera's built-in flash.

It's compatible with all Sea & Sea housings and strobes and is designed for use with the internal Optical YS-Converter. Since the cable is bi-directional, either end may be attached to a housing or strobe.

The best quality Fiber-Optic Cable is composed of 613 fibres (cores). Even when the cable is bent, attenuation of light is minimal. Therefore, the light signal will be transmitted to a strobe without loss. Compared with single fibre cables, the Fiber-Optic Cable II is more resistant to distortion, bending and physical impact.


  • Construction: Methacrylic Resin
  • Fibre Diameter: 1.5mm / 0.059 inch
  • Cable Diameter: 2.7mm / 0.105 inch
  • Length: 453mm / 17.8 inches

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Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

(02/20 LRB)

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