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Trident Standard Tank Carrier

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  • Model: TRI-TA10
  • Brand: Trident Diving Equipment

Product Description

The Trident Standard Tank Carrier fits dive cylinders/bottles/tanks up to 205 mm (8 inch) diameter. It's a great accessory for scuba divers who own their own cylinders as it makes the carrying of dive cylinders easier. If you're not tall enough to extend your arm when carrying your scuba cylinder(s) by the valve, then you'll struggle to do it easily. That's why the Trident Standard Tank Carrier is what you need.

Adjustable 50 mm (2 inch) wide bands for up to 205 mm (8 inch) diameter, which includes 10.5, 12.2, 15 and 18 litre cylinders.

The adjustable Velcro closure lets you customise the fit around the tank for a secure hold. Designed with a no-slip handle, this tank holder eliminates awkward tank transport and remains comfortable on sustained trips along the shore.

Trident Standard Tank Carrier Features

  • Holds scuba and paint-ball cylinders up to 205 mm (8 inch) diameter
  • Two Durable nylon straps
  • Velcro closure for a custom fit
  • Easy grip handle

Colour: Black

(11/14 LRB)