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Nitrox Only - Large Cylinder Sticker

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  • Model: TRI-NT40
  • Brand: Trident Diving Equipment

Product Description

This Trident "Nitrox Only" tank/cylinder sticker makes it clear that your dive cylinder can be used for scuba diving with Nitrox.

It is expensive and time consuming to have your tank cleaned for use with Nitrox. Once normal air is mistakenly used with it, you must for safety reasons have it cleaned and serviced. Don't let this happen to your Nitrox dedicated equipment. Have a Nitrox cylinder sticker installed on all your tanks used exclusively for Nitrox diving and there will not be a costly mistake made.

Designed for cylinders with 13.7 cm to 20.4 cm (5.4" to 8.0") diameters.


  • Easily identify dedicated Nitrox cylinders
  • Helps prevent costly mistakes
  • Built-to-Last: Made from durable no-peel vinyl
  • Easy-to-read layout
  • Bright Nitrox Green and Yellow colours for easy identification

Metric: 600 mm long by 150 mm high
Imperial: 23.6 inch long by 5.9 inch high

(02/15 LRB)