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Suunto USB Download Cable for HelO2 Cobra Vyper Zoop

$100.00  $95.00
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  • Model: 135000 | SS011350000
  • Brand: Suunto
  • EAN: 6417084113214

Product Description

This Suunto USB Interface and Dive Manager Software is compatible with the Suunto Cobra, Mosquito, Vyper, Vyper Air, Vytec, HelO2 and Zoop dive computers. It enables you to connect your dive computer to your PC and download your dive data.

Writing in a logbook is time-consuming and if you don't have good handwriting, illegible. Log books are small and difficult to fill in the blanks. The Suunto PC Interface is for uploading logbook dives to a PC in order to optionally store and organise the data, computer statistics, simulate dives and personalise the logbook file. Rather than filling out the logbook, just print out your log sheets to prove your diving experience.

Connect to the new Dive Manager 5 (DM5) and Movescount, Suunto's online sports community, with this USB interface cable.

Suunto PC Download Kit (USB) Features

  • Allows Full Logbook Information Download
  • Eliminates Hand Written Logging
  • PC Compatible
  • Dive Profiles with Color Graphics
  • Helps Prove your Diving Experience
  • USB Cable

This download cable DOES NOT work with the Suunto Zoop Novo and Suunto Vyper Novo model dive computers. For those models you need the Suunto USB Download Cable for New D-series DX D9tx D6i D4i.

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

(02/20 LRB)