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  • Apeks LifeLine Spool - 30m Green

Apeks LifeLine Spool - 30m Green

$200.00  $190.00
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  • Model: APEKS-RE122111 | AP0266/K
  • Brand: Apeks
  • EAN: 5060009137843

Product Description

The Green coloured, 30-metre line length, Apeks LifeLine Spools are inspired by technical diving made from tough but light materials and brightly coloured for easy reference and use. All designed and manufactured in the UK.

The Anodised Aluminium Body is light, tough and corrosion resistant; machined from a single piece of aircraft-grade Aluminium T6061 Alloy so there are no weak joins or edges. Large holes on either side of the spools allow the line to be locked off with the supplied bolt snap.

The Easy Grip Flared Spool design has ridged edges for better control and grip during use and the flared sides make winding in neat and easy. The unique flare makes for easier use with gloves with a larger diameter centre hole big enough for a gloved finger to fit through. Each spool is purposely not over-wound so you can add extra line if desired and allows for untidy winding after multiple uses.

The Bright Colour Coding makes it easy to know which reel you are dealing with and exactly how long each line is without the need for markings.

The Edelrid and Dyneema Lines are manufactured by climbing rope and marine line manufacturers for the best quality, abrasion-resistant, lightweight and high-performance lines. The bright orange main line is made by Edelrid who make sport climbing equipment so you can trust your main line with usual wear and tear from laying guidelines and is nice and bright for improved visibility in low light conditions. The main line is connected to the leader by a marine-grade brass swivel to eliminate twisting. The leader is made from Dyneema which has a range of applications from commercial ropes and lines to armour on military vehicles so it is double tough. Contrasting bright yellow colour is easy to differentiate from the main line and easy to see in low light conditions.

The Line Loops are Stitched instead of simply tied for increased strength with easy-release pull tabs for easy use with gloves.

The Green 30 metre Reel is your all-rounder with a sensible 30-metre line which can be used for DSMB deployment or laying a guideline for wreck or cave penetration. Slimmer than both the Purple and Blue Spools, the Green Spool is a nice low profile spool.

Green 30m Apeks LifeLine Spool Features

  • Unique flared design to allow ease of winding whilst wearing gloves and an outer grip for ease of use.
  • A large diameter centre hole for use in cold water whilst wearing gloves.
  • Colour coded to allow ease of identification of each size.
  • High quality, high visibility line.
  • Rugged construction.
  • High tensile line leader to avoid damage to main line when 'tying off'.
  • Line swivel to prevent line entanglement and twisting.
  • Machined from one piece of aircraft grade aluminium.
  • Anodised coating.
  • Spool is not over-wound, enabling additional line to be added if required.
  • Includes stainless steel bolt snap.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Line is sewn instead of tied to increase strength.
  • Orange line, best for low light conditions.
  • Easy-release pull tabs

Green 30m Apeks LifeLine Spool Specification

Spool: Anodised Aluminium T6061 Alloy
Line: Eldelrid
Leader: Dyneema
Swivel: Nickel Plated Brass
Boltsnap: 316 Stainless Steel

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

(04/21 LRB)

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