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  • IST Proline Dry Suit Hanger

IST Proline Dry Suit Hanger

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  • Model: IST-H-7
  • Brand: IST Proline

Product Description

The IST Proline Drysuit Hanger is a two-in-one hanger designed for dry diving suits with hard-soled boots, plus diving regulators.

Using this type of hanger, the bottom of the drysuit legs (where they attach to the drysuit boots) are placed in the drysuit hanger head and the suit is then suspended upside down, allowing all the excess water to drain away.

As is good drysuit maintenance practice, please ensure that your drysuit is completely clean and dry before storing, by rinsing any salt, grit or dirt away using fresh, clean, lukewarm water. The drysuit should then be inverted and hung on our drysuit hanger, with the drysuit zip fully open, in a well-ventilated area.

Once the drysuit is completely dry, it can then be stored on a suitable garment hanger, in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. Alternatively, providing the drysuit is completely dry, the drysuit can be correctly folded, placed in its drysuit bag and then stored in the (above) recommended environment.

Please Note — If your drysuit has Latex neck and/or wrist seals, please ensure that the Latex seals are clean, completely dry and (ideally) treated with Northern Divers specially formulated Drysuit 'Seal Saver' Talc, to prolong Latex seal life.

IST Proline Dry Suit Hanger Features

  • 2-in-1 hanger for post-dive Dry Suit and Regulator Drying
  • Built-in Dummy Cylinder Valve for Easy Regulator Attachment (DIN / Yoke Compatible)
  • Designed for Drysuits with Fitted Boots
  • Inverted Drying for a Neoprene or Membrane Drysuit
  • Really Useful Drysuit Accessory
  • Manufactured from Lightweight Heavy-Duty Material yet Ultra Strong and Tough
  • Flat-Packed for Easy Storage and Transportation
  • Can be Disassembled to save Storage Space when Travelling

(12/21 LRB)