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Suunto SK-8 / SK8 Bungee Mount Wrist Dive Compass (SH)

111900 | SS021119000
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The Suunto SK-8 Bungee Mount Dive Compass is a high-quality liquid-filled dive compass balanced for the Southern Hemisphere (SH). You wear this dive compass on your wrist using a bungee cord instead of a wrist strap. It's the bungee mount version of the world's most popular scuba diving compass.

Diving Compass for Wearing on Wrist with Bungee Mount
Balanced for Southern Hemisphere

The SK8 is the latest edition of Suunto's leading scuba diving compass. It delivers even better underwater performance with faster stabilisation and enhanced readability. Both of the northern and southern hemisphere models can be used over a wider area of the globe thanks to an upgraded magnet.

The superior Suunto SK-8 Compass has an exceptional tilt potential of +/-30 degrees, which is two or three times greater than in conventional diving compasses. This means that the compass card will spin freely even when the unit is not held completely flat, helping you to navigate effectively in all diving conditions.

The large, firm-grip bezel with a ratchet at every fifth degree is easy to operate even with thick gloves. The bezel is specially designed to prevent sand and dirt contamination, allowing smooth turning in all conditions. The compass bezel has compass headings in 30° degrees numbered increments and indicator marks for every 5° degrees. The bezel has twin heading indicators for alignment of compass course and a lubber line across the compass face.

The Suunto SK8 Compass has a phosphorescent card that can be charged with a diving light. Simply point your torch at the compass face for around 30 seconds and you will be able to navigate in confidence even in complete darkness.

The elasticated bungee straps compensate for compression at depth and can be adjusted or replaced easily.

Suunto SK-8 Wrist Compass Bungee Mount Features:

  • Latest Edition of Suunto's Leading Dive Compasses:
    Delivers Even Better Underwater Performance
    Faster Stabilisation and Enhanced Readability
    Instrument Can-Be-Used-Over Wider Area of Globe
    Upgraded Magnet
  • Easy to read numerals on a phosphorescent compass card for easy reading in low light conditions
  • Tilt potential +/-30 degrees. Tilt is 2 to 3 Times Better than Conventional Compasses
  • Quick stabilisation
  • Large side-reading window for gun-sight accurate navigation
  • Southern Hemisphere Compass
  • Designed for Excellent Navigation
  • Firm grip, 360° rotating bezel with a ratchet at every fifth degree
  • Lubber Line
  • Liquid filled compass for a quick and responsive movement
  • Elasticated bungee straps will compensate for compression at depth and can be adjusted or replaced easily.
  • Suitable for sub-zero temperature
  • Made in Finland

Suunto Compass Balancing

The vertical intensity and direction of the earth's magnetic field, the inclination, influences the horizontal plane of a compass needle according to the latitude where it is used. Due to inclination, compasses must be balanced for different geographical zones in order to keep the needle in a horizontal position.

Previously, the globe was divided into five different balance zones in which specific compasses functioned. However, as people travel more and more, the need for a compass with a greater geographical range has increased. Thanks to Suunto's 'Two Zone System' there are only two balance zones to consider in compass use — the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. In practice, this means that a Suunto compass designed for the northern hemisphere will still work for a fair distance into the southern hemisphere, and vice-versa.

How to set up the Suunto SK-8 Compass bungee cord.

TIP: This compass is set for the Southern Hemisphere. If you purchase a compass from say, North America or Europe, it will not function correctly in Australia as the counterweight will not be properly set for the region you are in. All of our Suunto SK-8 Compasses are balanced correctly for use here in Australia.

What's In The Box:
Suunto SK-8 Bungee Mount SH, Bungee cord, Boot, User Guide, Warranty

Suunto Warranty:

  • The International Limited Warranty Period starts at the date of original retail purchase.
  • The Warranty Period is five (5) years for failures attributable to the depth measurement (pressure) sensor on Suunto Dive Computers.
  • The Warranty Period is two (2) years for Dive Products and Dive transmitters unless otherwise specified.
  • The Warranty Period is one (1) year for accessories including but not limited to wireless sensors, chargers, cables, rechargeable batteries, straps, bracelets and hoses.

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

Also available in a wrist strap version.

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