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Sonar HP Sealing 300 Bar DIN Plug with Pressure Relief Button

$60.00  $54.00
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  • Model: WMD-UA-17
  • Brand: Sonar

Product Description

The Sonar HP Sealing 300 Bar DIN Plug provides a true high pressure O-ring seal in both 200 bar and 300 bar valves. It's primary purpose is to prevent gas loss from leaks. The typical use is to protect an expensive (or just plain important) gas fill from accidental loss while the cylinder is being handled or transported.

It's made from chrome plated marine brass, exactly the same material as your valve and thus is NOT subject to galvanic corrosion and galling. We have seen that happen with other plugs made of a dissimilar metal. All that's needed is a little saltwater moisture and then the plug seizes in the valve.

If you discover you are unable to remove the plug by hand because it's being held in place by the pressure of the gas trying to escape, you can just use the push button to release the pressure.

Sonar HP Sealing 300 Bar DIN Plug with Relief Button Features

  • Eliminates accidental gas leaks from your valves
  • A true HP O-ring seal for 200 bar and 300 bar valves
  • Perfect to protect expensive Trimix fills
  • Travel and move filled tanks with confidence
  • In case the valve is accidentally turned on, the push button vent allows trapped gas to escape for easy plug removal

Warning: We do NOT recommend the use of any type of HP sealing DIN Plug with oxygen, as impact or the friction of loosening the plug against high pressure oxygen could cause ignition, fire, and explosion leading to injury or death.

(12/16 LRB)