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IST Proline Tank Banger

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  • Model: IST-TA-NY
  • Brand: IST Proline

Product Description

The IST Proline Tank Banger is a great underwater signaling device. The simplest and most reliable attention getter for Scuba Diving is the Tank Banger. Just stretch it over the base of your Scuba Cylinder and you're ready to go.

Get the attention of your dive buddy or group while underwater.

When diving, you can't talk and thus getting your dive buddy's attention can be difficult sometimes, especially if they are out of arms reach. The IST Proline Tank Banger will allow you to lightly tap it against your dive cylinder which creates a distinctive noise to get their attention. This underwater noisemaker is a great safety tool to have and considering it is super small and streamlined, you can always have it on you without taking up space.

Just stretch it over the base of your scuba cylinder and your ready to go. If you're right handed place to the right if you're left handed place it to the left. You need to get someone's attention underwater just pull the ball away from you cylinder and let go BANG! Get the attention of your buddy, your students, or other divers from long or short distances.

Being bright yellow, you will always be able to see it when needed.

The super-stretchy silicone band can wrap around any dive cylinder from 15 cm (6 inch) diameter and up. The hard plastic neon yellow coloured ball can be pulled and released, producing noise to attract attention.

IST Proline Tank Banger Features

  • Simple Device
  • Left or Right Hand Operation
  • Corrosion Free Construction
  • Plastic and Silicone Materials
  • Signal from Short to Long Distances Underwater

Colour: Black band with Neon Yellow ball

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