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Sterisol Scuba Mouthpiece Germicide - 59ml Pump Spray Bottle

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  • Model: TRI-LP61
  • Brand: Trident Diving Equipment

Product Description

Sterisol Germicide is the perfect cleaner and conditioner for Scuba Regulator and Snorkel mouthpieces! Sterisol is completely safe and, when used as directed, will clean and deodorise mouthpieces including removing mould and fungus that may be lurking on rental equipment.

Cleans, Conditions and Deodorizes Scuba Regulator and Snorkel Mouthpieces

You're on vacation and want to go diving, but you're not too sure where the rental regulator mouthpiece has been. Or you headed out snorkelling, with a rental snorkel. Be safe, clean, and germ free with the Sterisol Germicide Mouthpiece Deodoriser. This handy spray cleans, disinfects and deodorises scuba regulator and snorkel mouthpieces. Feel comfortable when renting a dive regulator or snorkel with Sterisol Germicide Mouthpiece Deodorizer.

Sterisol is completely safe for all plastics, rubbers and silicones and will not affect, regulator diaphragms. When used as directed, it will clean and deodorize mouthpieces including removing mold and fungus that may be lurking on rental equipment. Sterisol is ideal for reducing odors in closed breathing apparatus.

Packaged as a convenient 58 ml (2 fl oz) Travel Size pump spray bottle.

Sterisol Germicide Mouthpiece Deodoriser Features

  • Great for use on Rental Gear
  • Protection against Germs
  • Cleans, Disinfects and Deodorises
  • Removes Mold and Fungus
  • Completely Safe
  • 59 ml (2 fl oz) size — Perfect for Travel!
  • Safe for All Plastic, Rubbers and Silicones
  • Reduces Odours in Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus
  • Will Not Affect Regulator Diaphragms


For best results, clean mouthpiece before using Sterisol.

Apply a heavy spray of Sterisol and allow to set for one minute. Articles washed in soap must be thoroughly rinsed before conditioning with Sterisol.

(02/17 LRB)