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Cressi Rubber Band - Circular Dyneema Wishbone (16 mm)

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  • Model: FA400153/4/5/6/7
  • Brand: Cressi
  • EAN: 8022983065328

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Product Description

The 16 mm diameter Cressi Circular Rubber Band with Dyneema Wishbone is the original and replacement standard rubber used on Cressi Cherokee Ocean and Cressi Cherokee Open spearguns. Don't let a bad spearfishing speargun rubber ruin a day, or multi-day, hunting trip.

The elastic circular Cressi rubber band with Dyneema wishbone is designed for spearfishing. The assembly of this circular band is done manually, ensuring a high control over production to avoid irregularities. 1.5 mm Dyneema is used to tie the elastic ligature. For the wishbone pure 2.5 mm dyneema is used with a breaking load of more than 390 kg.

The rubber elastic is exclusive to Cressi, carefully designed to have a high level of quality. It's suitable for use with either aluminium or wood spearguns. Its composition, hardness and thickness are the result of countless tests of different prototypes and the final product meets the requirements of professional spear fishermen. The elastic is made of pure Malaysian latex without impurities. With this latex and other chemicals we can have an elastic band with the right hardness (Shore 42) and that makes it highly resistant to exposure of UV rays and salt, and even after a prolonged use there is no loss of performance.

Five rubber band lengths available:

  • 48 cm long for 75 cm speargun (FA400153)
  • 57 cm long for 90 cm speargun (FA400154)
  • 63 cm long for 100 cm speargun (FA400155)
  • 69.5 cm long for 110 cm speargun (FA400156)
  • 77 cm long for 120 cm speargun (FA400157)

Cressi Circular Rubber Band with Dyneema Wishbone 16 mm Features

  • Circular band rubber with Dyneema wishbone
  • Band Diameter: 16 mm
  • Optimised for each length spear gun
  • Progressive slings
  • Strong and powerful
  • Great-Save-A-Dive-Kit Item


Band Diameter: 16 mm
Band Length: 48 cm, 57 cm, 63 cm, 69.5 cm, 77 cm
Suits gun size: 75 cm, 90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm
Type: Standard Twin Band

Sizes: 16 mm diameter
48 cm band length
57 cm band length
63 cm band length
69.5 cm band length
77 cm band length

Please ensure you are ordering the correct size.

(06/17 LRB)

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