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Fourth Element Thermocline Leggings - Ladies

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  • Model: TLWLG
  • Brand: Fourth Element

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Product Description

The Fourth Element Thermocline Ladies Leggings is neutrally buoyant and gives you the thermal performance of a 2 to 3 mm neoprene wetsuit, without the neoprene. It's the ultimate leg protection for warm water diving stand-alone, or for wearing under your wetsuit for extra leg warmth in temperate and cold waters!

The Thermocline Women's Leggings can be worn on their own or be conveniently combined with other Thermocline products, such as the Thermocline Women's Long Sleeved Top to make a lightweight two-piece wetsuit. With a high waistband, the leggings will not ride down in use and will remain comfortable throughout the course of a dive.

The Thermocline Leggings combines Fourth Elements experience with high technology fabrics and passion for diving to provide a more comfortable and convenient diving experience.

Neutrally buoyant, machine washable, breathable, lightweight and hypoallergenic.

The comfort is not limited to the dive. The Thermocline breathable fabric ensures that the diver is more comfortable when fully kitted up and waiting to enter the water. The lightness of the material is ideal for travelling divers keen to keep their baggage light.

The material is neutrally buoyant, allowing less lead to be worn. It dries quickly, even during the surface interval.

Thermocline is Neutrally Buoyant:
The Thermocline neutrally buoyant system represents an evolution in thermal protection, using state of the art materials to maximise performance without compromising on comfort.

Thermocline is Machine Washable
Machine wash cold. Line dry. Do not use bleach. Do not iron. Do not tumble dry. Can be dry cleaned. Avoid use of fabric softeners.

Thermocline Protection Layers

Fourth Element Thermocline is a genuine trilaminate fabric. The unique semi-permeable breathable membrane is bonded to a high graded nylon/lycra to create the face, and a brushed polyester fleece to provide a soft and luxurious inner, which also traps water next to the skin when submerged. The membrane provides wind and water proofing from the elements, although of course water ingress will occur at the seams and apertures. The flexibility and lightweight fabric provides considerable freedom of movement and a neutrally buoyant, breathable barrier when immersed or on the surface.

Thermocline Protection Layers
  1. Water and wind from outside.
  2. The nylon outer layer of the suit repels water and enables fast water run-off and easy drying.
  3. The breathable and waterproof membrane layer is bonded to the nylon and fleece to form a protective barrier.
  4. The fleece layer draws moisture away from the skin and wicks through the breathable membrane where it evaporates off the nylon surface.
  5. The hydrophilic inner fleece traps a thin layer of water next to your skin to keep you warm throughout your dive.

Thermocline vs Neoprene Skin Allergy

Fourth Element Thermocline garments have been very successful in helping people with neoprene skin allergy to continue to enjoy their diving. The lightweight neutrally buoyant wetsuit system can be used instead of a traditional neoprene wetsuit for warm water diving, or it can be used underneath a neoprene suit to provide an effective barrier to skin contact.

Allergic reaction to neoprene is generally ascribed to the accelerants used to manufacture the man-made rubber (i.e. thiurams, carbamates, thioureas, thiazoles). While not life-threatening, if left mismanaged or untreated, these reactions can cause permanent damage to the patient/user's skin. Therefore, an accurate and complete diagnosis is essential and if it occurs, a doctor should be consulted.

Please note that in some cases the allergy may be so severe that thermocline may not be 100% effective. It is impossible for us to know this without detailed assessment from a doctor, and results for individuals do vary. However, most people have found that using thermocline alleviates if not eliminates their symptoms.

The Thermocline range does not involve any of these accelerants and many neoprene skin allergy sufferers have been helped by using Thermocline.

Hugh Miller on Thermocline from Fourth Element.

Fourth Element Thermocline Ladies Leggings Features

  • Female Specific Fit
  • High Waistband so the Leggings will not Ride Down in Use
  • Protect Your Legs from Cold, Sun and Marine Stingers
  • Get the Thermal Performance of a 2-3mm neoprene wetsuit without the neoprene.
  • The Ultimate Choice for Warm Water Diving and Snorkelling!
  • Perfect for Layering Under a Wetsuit in Temperate/Cold Waters for Extra Warmth
  • Great Solution for People with Neoprene Allergies
  • Neutrally Buoyant Wetsuit System — less lead is required to be worn on dives
  • Breathable, Lightweight and Hypoallergenic for Comfort and Convenience
  • The breathable fabric ensures that the diver is more comfortable when fully kitted up on the surface, waiting to enter the water.
  • Extremely fast drying, even during surface intervals.
  • Fully Machine Washable and it dries quickly.

Fourth Element Thermocline Size Charts

Use the tables below as a guide to help select which size Thermocline best suits your body type. If you require any further assistance/advice please don't hesitate to contact us.

* Inside Leg Measurements are taken from the crotch to the floor.

Please note all womens sizes are in UK sizes. See the chart at the bottom of the page for a comparison reference.

Thermocline Womens Sizes

Sizes UK Sizes USA Height Chest Waist Hips Inside Leg*
Cm Cm Cm Cm Cm
6 Short 4 Short 157.5-165.5 68-76 51-59 76-84 69-73
6 4 160-168 68-76 51-59 76-84 71-75
8 Short 6 Short 160-168 74-82 57-65 82-90 71-75
8 6 162.5-170 74-82 57-65 82-90 73-77
10 Short 8 Short 162.5-170 80-88 63-71 88-96 73-77
10 8 165-173 80-88 63-71 88-96 75-79
12 10 167.5-175 86-94 69-77 94-102 77-81
14 12 170-178 92-100 75-83 100-108 79-83
16 14 172.5-180 98-106 81-89 106-114 81-85
18 16 172.5-180 104 -112 87-95 112-120 81-85

Womens Comparison Size Chart

UK USA France Germany Italy
6 4 34 32 38
8 6 36 34 40
10 8 38 36 42
12 10 40 38 44
14 12 42 40 46
16 14 44 42 48
18 16 46 44 50
20 18 48 46 52

What We Think...

  • Can be worn by itself, or underneath a wetsuit for extra protection.
  • Neutrally buoyant meaning less lead required — lovely!
  • Equivalent warmth of a 2-3mm wetsuit
  • Solution for people with neoprene allergies.
  • An alternative to the Sharkskin, Lavacore and Enth Degree products.

(07/17 LRB)

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