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Gear Keeper Locking Scuba Console Package - Plastic Snap

$69.00  $62.00
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  • Model: RT35913
  • Brand: Gear Keeper

Product Description

The Gear Keeper Locking Scuba Console Retractor Package with Plastic Snap Clip and Bracket Mounts lets you keep your dive computer and gauge console safe and secure. This package combines a Gear Keeper Locking Retractor with a Quick Connect Lanyard, a Quick Connect Split Ring, and a Mounting Bracket.

Gear Keeper Console RetractorThe ideal solution for Dive Computer and Instrument Gauge Consoles where Super Force is necessary for the retractor to overcome the stiffness of the high-pressure hose. This large locking versions allows you to tether your console at your hip, stomach or chest area. Keeps you streamlined and your console is always right where you need it.

At one end is a plastic Snap Clip that attaches to a D-ring. Or you can use the Bracket Mount to sandwich webbing between retractor and bracket (in either direction) and screw bracket to retractor. At the other end is your choice of a Quick Connect Spilt Ring to easily attach to your dive console, or a Quick Connect Lanyard. The Quick Connect retracting end means you can easily disconnect your dive accessory from the retractor when required.

Gear Keeper Locking Scuba Console Retractor Package Features

  • Plastic Snap Clip attaches to D-ring
  • Quick Connect: Quickly and easily disconnect equipment from Gear Keeper
  • Ideal for Dive Consoles where you need to overcome the stiffness of the high pressure hose
  • Built to Last: Designed to survive extended salt water and chlorine exposure
  • Sand and debris are flushed from unit when operated in water.
  • High-Tensile Nylon Line with Kevlar Core
  • Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware
  • 80 lbs. Breaking Strength
  • 107 cm (42 inch) extension

(11/18 LRB)