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Weird And Wacky Fish


  • Model: NH-9781921580345
  • Brand: New Holland Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781921580345

Product Description

Weird And Wacky Fish

by Nigel Marsh.

Weird And Wacky Fish will introduce the young reader to some very strange fish. Fish that not only look weird, but act weird too. In this book children will discover that some fish can walk and that male seahorses get pregnant. They will also see weird fish that pretend to be dead leaves, fish that look like rocks and even a bizarre fish that looks like a pineapple. Filled with fabulous pictures, this book will delight any young reader that is curious of the marine world.

Book Details:

ISBN-13: 9781921580345
Publisher: New Holland
Publication date: Dec 2016
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 220mm (w) x 285mm (h)

(07/19 LRB)