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Hyperion 1-inch Ball Arm O-Ring (1PC)

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  • Model: INT-HY-L-ORBA-BK
  • Brand: Hyperion

Product Description

The Hyperion Ball Arm O-Ring is the standard O-ring used with one inch (25 mm) Hyperion Ball Mounts. It will also fit many other brands of ball mounts.

Use to replace worn or broken O-rings on Hyperion 1-inch ball arms. Replace the O-rings on your ball arm components occasionally for maximum grip and low-tension holding power.

The inclusion of an O-ring in the ball greatly increases the friction forces at the joint, therefore, keeping the arms where you put them. The O-ring also gets away from the metal to metal contact between the clamp and the ball of the arm. Thus it's imporant to keep them in good condition and replace them as required.

(10/19 LRB)