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Hyperion Cold Shoe GoPro Mount Adaptor

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  • Model: INT-HY-L-BB-HS-GP
  • Brand: Hyperion

Product Description

The Hyperion Cold Shoe Mount Adaptor attaches to any GoPro camera in its waterproof housing with GoPro mount, and enables you to mount it onto the standard cold or hot shoe connector on various underwater camera housings.

Add a GoPro action camera on top of your larger DSLR, mirrorless or compact digital camera housing to record video while you simultaneously capture still images with the larger camera. Or, record 2 videos at once, using the GoPro to capture parts of the underwater world that are out of your primary camera's frame.

Designed for easily and simply integrating a GoPro camera in an underwater camera system. Compatible with all GoPro camera and housing models.

Alternately, you can remove the GoPro mount and you are left with a standard tripod thread. Thus you can use the adaptor to also mount a GoPro or other action or compact camera in an underwater housing with a tripod connection to a hot or cold shoe.

Hyperion Cold Shoe to GoPro Mount Adaptor Features

  • Compatible with Any GoPro Camera or Housing
  • Attaches to Larger Housing's Cold/Hot Shoe

(12/19 LRB)