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  • VFA Rock Lobster Measure

VFA Rock Lobster Measure

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  • Brand: Victorian Fisheries Authority

Product Description

This Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA) Rock Lobster Measure (orange ruler) is used to measure rock lobster (crayfish).

To help recreational anglers comply with catch limits, particularly minimum legal lengths, the Victorian Fisheries Authority has produced a range of plastic measures which complement the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide.

Measures are available free of charge by calling the VFA Customer Service Centre on 136 186. They are also available at some fishing tackle stores that sell recreational fishing licences, and at The Scuba Doctor.

Please note: Please refer to the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide for more information.

Measuring Your Rock Lobster

Place one end of the measuring device firmly into the groove between the antennae and measure from this groove to the rear edge of the carapace. Hairs do not form part of the carapace. Divers are required to measure lobster at the first available opportunity before the lobster is landed.

(11/21 LRB)

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