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Dive Perfect Stubby LED-1000 Dive Light - 1000LM

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Date Added: 15/10/2018 by Philip T.
This is a great dive light and very much worth the money. I bought two about three years ago and they are both going strong. Been to the Maldives, Christmas Island, Vanuatu and Cocos Keeling. Batteries last really well and I use one at home all the time....

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Date Added: 14/02/2018 by Chris M.
Took my Dive Perfect Stubby for its first night dive last night, was very happy with the performance and my buddy was so impressed he’s ordering one for himself. Previous torch was a UK C4 eled which I’ve been very happy with, but is no comparison to the new Stubby, I reckon about double the range. I wasn’t sure about the Goodman soft hand mount to begin with, it felt a little awkward on land and worried about interfering with my Perdix, but once in the water it just became part of me and didn’t notice any clashes or restrictions. Great combo for prawning, the brighter light had the prawns galloping toward me from the distance. All up very happy after the first dive, look forward to seeing how it holds up over the longer term, but it appears to be rock solid....

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Date Added: 13/10/2017 by Shane P.
Great torch for recreational and technical diving. I tested this torch against my primary canister torch and it is just as bright. This torch is suitable to use as a primary torch and is nice and compact....

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Date Added: 06/05/2017 by Andy Beck
This torch is worthy of five stars. High power beam and batteries last for ages. This torch is amazingly robust and recently survived a 3 month trip on the bottom of the ocean at 37 meters when I lost it on a dive. Unbelievably a friend found it 3 months later where I had left it whilst looking for Cray fish. After putting a new set of batteries in it sparked up first time. The only clue that it had spent such a long time at the bottom of the ocean was that the black paint had worn off. Best torch I've had and I've had a few over the years....

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Date Added: 16/02/2017 by David Callan
The Stubby dive light is excellent! It's compact size makes it not only an amazing backup light but also a great primary dive light. It's really handy for a day time cray diving light when you want to sneak a peak and see what interesting things are hiding in small crevices. Much easier than the big diving torches....

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Date Added: 21/08/2016 by Rob Paule
Excellent torch for my needs, which is basically recreational night and low visibility diving. It's affordable, bright, robust and easy to handle. You do need both hands to turn on and off but that's probably the trade-off for robustness....

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