Mornington Pier

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Mornington Pier
Mornington Pier
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Depth: 1 metre (3.28 feet) to 12 metres (39 feet)

Level: Open Water and beyond.

Ideal Conditions:
Southwesterly to easterly winds and high tide. Beware of westerly swells and boat traffic.

What To Expect:
A whole variety of fish life here. Including Old Wives, Globefish, Decorator Crabs, Bigbelly Seahorse (aka Pot Belly Seahorse), Shorthead Seahorse, Starfish, Squid, Gurnards and other pylon dwelling creatures.

First built in the 1850s, Mornington Pier and Jetty is a regularly used dive training site and a relaxing after work night dive site for many Melbourne based divers. A site that is usually diveable when the wind is up just a bit.

Mornington Pier Diving | Credit: David Bryant, Seapics

Varied bottom depending on the area which means you won't get bored as it is changing the whole dive. Lots of large ledges and boulders, to sea grass-covered rocks to silty mud. Lots of growth on rocks under the pier.

Mornington Pier Old Wives
Mornington Pier Old Wives
© Phil Watson

Abounds with sponge life, Old Wives, Whiting, Giant Australian Cuttlefish, Moonlighters, Dusky Morwong, Decorator Crabs , small Shrimp, and plenty of other small marine life.

Do be mindful here of the fisherman. There are usually a lot of them and the lines are littered everywhere. Stay under the pier where possible to avoid fishing lines. Be sure to take a knife and/or line cutter just in case.

This is a great site for both day and night diving! The deepest of the piers on the Mornington Peninsula and well worth a visit. Depths can reach 12 metres out the end.

Location: Mornington
MELWAY Ref: Page 104 D9

See WillyWeather (Mornington) as a guide for the tide times and the height of the tide.

There is also a nice reef to the left of the pier you can follow along. To access it enter as you would for the pier and dive along the pier until the point the new structure starts. Cross through the pier here and you can follow a small reef along the edge of Schnapper Point.

Facilities: There is a cafe plus public toilet facilities at Mornington Pier.

Mornington Pier Dive Site Map
Mornington Pier Dive Site Map | © The Scuba Doctor

Entry/Exit: The best entry point is via a giant stride from the 3 metre high car park wall near the ladders. Alternatively, you can lower your dive gear onto the stone ledge of the small boat inlet.

The best exit point is via the stone ledge. Get your gear onto the ledge. Climb onto the ledge and get your gear onto the top of the wall. Then climb the wall. It's easier if you work together with your dive buddy. Some divers prefer to climb one of the high ladders.

When making your way to the pier from the entry/exit points it's best to swim on the surface, ideally with an SMB, as there can be quite a bit of boat traffic.

Parking: Normally good, fee parking at entry point. If the car park is full you could be up for a 200 metre plus walk. If the car park is empty, it can be just a 4 metre walk to the water.

Parking and facilities are also available in the vicinity of Schnapper Point Park.

Mornington Pier is just a 40-minute drive from The Scuba Doctor Dive Shop. Please drop in and catch up with us before and/or after your dive.

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Mornington Harbour Map
Mornington Harbour Map | © Parks Victoria

Spearfishing is illegal within 30 metres of any pier or jetty and in Marine National Parks. See Spearfishing Laws.

Boon Wurrung / Bunurong country
Boon Wurrung / Bunurong country

Traditional Owners — This dive site is in the traditional Country of the Boon Wurrung / Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation. This truly ancient Country includes parts of Port Phillip, from the Werribee River in the north-west, down to Wilson's Promontory in the south-east, including the Mornington Peninsula, French Island and Phillip Island, plus Western Port. We wish to acknowledge the Boon Wurrung as Traditional Owners. We pay respect to their Ancestors and their Elders, past, present and emerging. We acknowledge Bunjil the Creator Spirit of this beautiful land, who travels as an eagle, and Waarn, who protects the waterways and travels as a crow, and thank them for continuing to watch over this Country today and beyond.


Mornington Pier Location Map

Latitude: 38° 12.761′ S   (38.212684° S / 38° 12′ 45.66″ S)
Longitude: 145° 2.016′ E   (145.033593° E / 145° 2′ 0.93″ E)

Datum: WGS84 | Google Map | Get directions
Added: 2012-07-22 01:00:00 GMT, Last updated: 2021-07-27 03:15:40 GMT
Source: Google Earth
Nearest Neighbour: Schnapper Point, Mornington Pier, 96 m, bearing 263°, W
Mornington Peninsula.
Depth: 1 to 12 m.

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