Spec Reef

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Advanced Open Water Rated Crayfish Dive Site Deep Rated Inside Port Phillip Slack Water Subject to Shipping Technical Rated

Depth: 22 metres (72 feet) to 60 metres (197 feet)

Spec Reef (aka Spectacular Reef) is part of the former Yarra River bed and lies in the South Channel, Port Phillip, Victoria and is therefore subject to shipping traffic. The area is quite large and offers many different dive sites. All dives are characterised by a spectacular wall which has large undercuts housing Crayfish, Blue Devilfish, beautiful soft corals, and an abundance of other life including Silver Trumpeter, Leather Jackets, the Rosy Wrasse, and inquisitive White Ear, along with literally thousands of small baitfish.

Spec Reef is very aptly named. The scenery, rock formations, the sheer drop-offs and the most abundant fish life in the Bay, make it a special place.

On days of good visibility you will understand why this area is called Spectacular Reef. The terrain is quite dramatic with large deep ledges. It can only be dived on the slack water when there is no shipping as it is right in the middle of the channel. This makes another elusive site but well worth the effort. It starts in 15 metres and runs East to West with deeper water down to over 33 metres to the South. The current here is not a strong as in other places, which means that this dive can be done on either of the slack waters.

Spec Reef has an unusual combination of huge undercuts and sheer drop offs. The sheer sides of the reef have fantastic overhangs and lovely colours in the sponge life. The area is big on sponges and very, very fishy. This is truly one of the prettiest dives in the bay — in fact it's spectacular.

Divers have the opportunity to catch crayfish (Southern Rock Lobster) at this dive site. Remember your catch bag, current Victorian Recreational Fishing Licence, rock lobster measure, and cray tags. Please abide by all current fishing regulations if you intend to catch crays. See How To Catch Crayfish for practical cray hunting advice from The Scuba Doctor.

Latitude: 38° 17.294′ S   (38.288233° S / 38° 17′ 17.64″ S)
Longitude: 144° 39.946′ E   (144.665767° E / 144° 39′ 56.76″ E)

Datum: WGS84 | Google Map
Added: 2012-07-22 01:00:00 GMT, Last updated: 2019-02-20 07:39:24 GMT
Source: GPS
Nearest Neighbour: North Wall, 245 m, bearing 251°, WSW
Depth: 22 to 60 m.
Dive only on: SWF, SWE.

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