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Yakka Reef Frankston

Reef DiveReef Dive | Boat access

Inside Port Phillip Open Water Rated Reef Dive Site

Yakka Reef
Yakka Reef
© Victorian Fisheries Authority

Depth: 11 metres (36 feet)

Yakka Reef Frankston is an artificial reef located inside Port Phillip approximately 2 kilometres out from Frankston shore created with the aim of improving recreational fishing opportunities and testing the reefs environmental suitability and performance as fish habitat. The reef is named after the growing popularity of kayak fishing and the reefs accessibility to small craft.

The reef consists of 96 reef balls of different sizes (16 pallet balls, 56 bay balls and 24 mini-bay balls) placed in a specific geometric pattern over an area of 50 square metres.

Description Latitude Longitude
Far North Pallet Ball 38° 08.467' S 145° 05.480' E
Far East Pallet Ball 38° 08.483' S 145° 05.500' E
Far South Pallet Ball 38° 08.499' S 145° 05.479' E
Far West Pallet Ball 38° 08.482' S 145° 05.459' E

The reef balls are dome-shaped concrete structures with a rough stony surface and a number of holes in them to attract marine life. The concrete mix is environmentally friendly so there is no leaching of toxins and these structures have a life span of at least 300 years in the marine environment.

See also Aspendale Rec Reef, and
Tedesco Reef Seaford.

Latitude: 38° 8.483′ S   (38.141383° S / 38° 8′ 28.98″ S)
Longitude: 145° 5.479′ E   (145.091317° E / 145° 5′ 28.74″ E)

Datum: WGS84 | Google Map
Added: 2012-07-22 01:00:00 GMT, Last updated: 2019-06-02 08:43:32 GMT
Source: Victorian Government GPS (verified)
Nearest Neighbour: Isis, 899 m, bearing 34°, NE
Artificial reef installed to improve recreational fishing.
Depth: 11 m.

DISCLAIMER: No claim is made by The Scuba Doctor as to the accuracy of the dive site coordinates listed here. Should anyone decide to use these GPS marks to locate and dive on a site, they do so entirely at their own risk. Always verify against other sources.

The marks come from numerous sources including commercial operators, independent dive clubs, reference works, and active divers. Some are known to be accurate, while others may not be. Some GPS marks may even have come from maps using the AGD66 datum, and thus may need be converted to the WGS84 datum. To distinguish between the possible accuracy of the dive site marks, we've tried to give each mark a source of GPS, Google Earth, or unknown.

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